Connor Farnon
No that's really okay
Thu Apr 13, 2017 19:48

The concept of all-day breakfast was entirely unappealing to Connor. It sounded like a messy affair that had the entire school there, and he was very selective about his company so the idea of the entire school being in one place was not one he thought fondly about. But, stomach rumbling, Connor finally gave in to the inevitability that was his trip to the Finer Diner. But he wasn’t going to go it alone - he had gone into the first years’ room and dragged his younger brother out of it. Dade had been sulking in his pyjamas (Connor refused to recognize his own reticence as sulking; it was simply a sense of propriety) which made it easy to drag him down the stairs into the common room, and from the common room to the Finer Diner.

Never one to break the rules, Connor was abiding strictly by the dress code. His pyjama pants were a blue plaid and his shirt a neat white. They were of course not the pyjamas he had slept in, but rather a newly laundered pair that he had been keeping just in case. In case of what he wasn’t sure, but being prepared was something that Connor aspired to at all times. Since he was also aware of the typical dress code, the second year had dutifully pulled his school robes on over the pyjamas, although he knew that very few people would be wearing their robes. It seemed that the older the students got the less inclined they were to follow the rules that had clearly been put in place for the order of the school. To be fair, from the rumors that had made their way down the grapevine, the students in the upper years were far from orderly.

Once they had entered the Diner, both Farnon boys looked around with an attentive horror that they rarely shared. It was pure havoc. There were all sorts of breakfast foods, some of them floating in the air, and students and staff all over the place. Creepy Professor Boot was sitting at a table being creepy near the food and there were children making noise. Connor gripped Dade’s arm tightly and the brothers shared a look. There were few things that united them, but this sort of chaos was definitely one of those things. It was an unspoken agreement that they were there to get food and get out as quickly as possible.

They beelined toward the food and quickly began putting things on their plates. For Dade, who was usually a toast-and-jam kind of person for breakfast, this was a little much and he found himself looking for the blandest things available. Connor, on the other hand, was looking to maximise the amount of food he was eating so that he only had to enter this special hell once more that day. If he was lucky, he could find some apples or something to stick in his pockets and just have those for dinner. Normally he would be averse to putting food in pockets, but this was an emergen -

He heard someone call his name. He knew that someone. Ducking his head, Connor quickly pulled Dade along with him as he found a seat that seemed as far away as possible from the person calling his name. He kept his head down, examining his pancakes intently, hoping that it would be enough to prevent - oh no.

“Connooo-- oh there you are!”

Oh Merlin no, that was the last thing he needed, not Marley, anyone but Marley.

Panicked, Connor turned to his brother in the hopes that the other boy would be able to distract her or something, but found no trace of him. The Cetus’s face fell as he realized there was to be no escape. Rose would just find the entire thing entertaining, and Claudia was much too polite to help him scrape this - Marley off him. “Hello Marley,” he began stiffly, before he was interrupted by an orange jar being unceremoniously shoved underneath his nose with altogether too much excitement. What in the world was she talking about? Connor was about to voice his confusion when his eyes focused and he read the label on the jar. Oh no.

“Thanks, Marley,” his voice was strained and vaguely panicky. “But that’s fine, really.”

  • You've gotta try this [Connor] - Marley Chapman, Thu Apr 13 16:40
    “Connooooor!” Upon sight of the classic glass jar sitting innocently among the table of syrups and jams and other goodies, Marley had gotten so excited that she had almost dropped her plate. Thank... more
    • No that's really okay - Connor Farnon, Thu Apr 13 19:48
      • But you'll miss out! - Marley, Fri Apr 14 03:06
        Despite her excitement, she blushed a little when he thanked her, and for the umpteenth time since the party she sent Wordless Grateful Thoughts in the direction of her dad's African family, who were ... more
        • I'm somehow okay with that - Connor, Fri Apr 14 20:20
          This was all going terribly and when Marley asked him if he trusted her, Connor couldn’t even make a sound of dissent. Of course he didn’t trust her. He wouldn’t trust her with Dade’s puffskein, and... more
          • You'll change your mind - Marley, Sat Apr 15 12:28
            Hadn’t she told him that already? “You can put it on something, or eat it plain,” Marley repeated, confused by his confusion. It wasn’t that complicated. Just like she’d explained to him at the... more
            • Oh right. Marley had mentioned that the way to eat Cheese Whiz was either on its own or on something before - Connor had lost it in the mess of words that constantly tumbled out of his yearmate’s... more
              • I am optimistic about this - Marley, Tue Apr 18 13:16
                “Well, this is a pancake breakfast, duh,” Marley pointed out cheerfully. “So that’s why I got you some plain pancakes. Plain pancakes are basically toast. Like, they’re all just bread.” Really,... more
                • Among the other things that Marley seemed to think were correct that were objectively not apparently included the role of toast in a breakfast. Connor was of the strict opinion that anything called... more
                  • Optimism always has a place here! - Marley, Wed Apr 19 10:20
                    Connor apparently hadn't seen the humour of the pun that was literally right in front of him. (She conveniently forgot that she hadn't directly pointed it out to him, but she would probably realize... more
                    • I refuse - Connor, Wed Apr 19 11:16
                      Marley sighed at him and Connor scowled right back at her. It wasn’t his fault that she thought touching food with her hands was acceptable. He had manners and knew better. Admittedly it wasn’t... more
                      • That's not allowed - Marley, Wed Apr 19 22:41
                        Connor insisted that he wasn't scared, which Marley hadn't really expected because he was generally such an honest person. Maybe not an open person. He was really quiet, and when people were really... more
                        • But consider: what if it was - Connor, Thu Apr 20 04:42
                          In the midst of his coughing, the last thing Connor had expected was for Marley to come up and whack him on the back, which was of course precisely why she did so. He was too busy coughing to glare,... more
                          • Nope. I'm putting my foot down. - Marley, Fri Apr 21 00:08
                            Connor kept coughing for a bit, even after he took some sips of the orange juice. Was that a bad sign? Had her whack been unlucky enough to actually put him in a worse spot? Concerned, Marley kept... more
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