Remington Burnham
It's a fun one!
Fri Apr 14, 2017 10:39

Remington was usually more dressed up than her peers, so it was weird to walk into the Finer Diner in pajamas. She didn’t have any bows that matched a breakfast food theme, but she did have a cute cat one. She also had pastel pink pajama pants with little Pusheen cats all over them, and a pink shirt to match, so she went with a cat theme that morning. She almost decided not to wear a bow, because she wore her bushy brown hair down at night, but then it’d get in the way of eating. The Draco was not interested in getting syrup in her hair, so she’d used the calico kitten bow to pull it all back into place. It was one of her favorite bows, too; the ribbons made it look like the calico’s tail was holding her hair in place.

It took a little convincing to get her to leave her robes behind. Remington was so used to wearing the uniform everywhere she went. The dark-skinned girl realized that no one wore robes to bed, so she eventually got herself to believe it’d be okay to leave the grey robes behind.

Brunch was a thing she and her parents did a lot. She couldn’t believe the school year was coming close to an end. Remington liked Rocky Mountain International, and she’d managed to make at least one friend, but it’d be nice to go home and do some of this stuff with her family again. Dad would cook breakfast while Mom told her about her latest research project. Or maybe they’d go to IHOP, or Waffle House, and enjoy being at a restaurant that made breakfast food. They didn’t go out much, so it was always special when they did.

She looked around the Finer Diner, brown eyes darting around, but she didn’t see Dade anywhere. Maybe he’d show up later. She’d just read about a tripping jinx the night before that she didn’t think would be super fun, but it sounded like Dade’s kind of thing, so she wanted to tell him about it. The slightly chubby first year stacked some buttermilk pancakes on a plate and added in blueberry syrup before choosing a seat at a table that hosted one of the Lemont girls. They chatted quietly for a while. Remington figured that Dade got along okay with the Lemonts, so he’d join them when he got there.

Then an Actual Adult sat down with them, and Remington abandoned that plan. Dade would totally avoid this table now.

Professor Blair sat down and started eating without saying anything to them. She looked really pregnant now; that couldn’t be comfortable. Seeing an actual pregnant adult do pregnant adult things made the twelve year old decide that she never wanted to get pregnant. It seemed like a super unpleasant experience, and she couldn’t understand why adults did it voluntarily! She liked Professor Blair, though. The woman was super intimidating and often scary, but she was smart. Remington liked Cultural Studies a lot, because it reminded her of all the fun things she got to help her mom with. Her mom was a Muggle Anthropologist (a witch that studied Muggles, not a Muggle who studied Anthropology), so Cultural Studies was a comforting dose of familiarity in the school’s quirky curriculum.

“What are you eating?” Remington decided to ask after taking a few more bites of her own pancakes. It was a super interesting dish, and she had a feeling that the professor wouldn’t have ordered some of the toppings if she hadn’t been pregnant. “My pancakes have blueberry syrup, which is really yummy.”

  • Eating is a big pastime of mine. - Professor Estelle Blair, plus womb parasite, Wed Apr 12 13:48
    Estelle was in the waddling stage of her pregnancy now. This was displeasing to her. She was also at only five-ish months pregnant, which meant that she had literally almost a hundred more days to... more
    • It's a fun one! - Remington Burnham, Fri Apr 14 10:39
      • The fun part is pretty convenient - Professor Blair, Fri Apr 14 17:01
        Estelle’s face was already starting to form a scowl in anticipation of being harassed over her breakfast to re-mark an essay or any other banal complaint the student could possibly have. (In the... more
        • Let's get into a pickle - Remington, Sun Apr 16 11:38
          Even though she hadn’t finished her first year yet, Remington knew some of the classes she’d continue with after her third year. She had no idea what she wanted to do with her life – understandable,... more
          • With some sugar on top - Professor Blair, Tue Apr 18 12:23
            It was probably completely unprofessional for her, a late-thirties Professor, to be casually sitting and chatting with one of her first-years about pickle cravings. Wearing pyjamas and fuzzy... more
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