Perhaps I should not use food as descriptors
Fri Apr 14, 2017 15:27

While he had looked up when someone had joined him at the table, it wasn’t one of his friends, and Danny had no idea whether Kaye was likely to speak to him or not (he had barely spoken to Ruben, who was in Danny’s own year, so he thought he’d be forgiven for not knowing much about a student who had arrived at the same time, but in the year below). So he’d continued to chew the forkful of waffle he’d just put in his mouth, and then proceeded to take a sip of his coffee, but that was sufficient silence for two people in close proximity, he considered. He had been about to offer a cursory, ‘Good morning’ when Kaye spoke instead.

Danny blinked. Her turn of phrase was distracting, not least because he wouldn’t himself use language inspiring graphic imagery while they were currently consuming food (luckily not Cheerios), but he took the hint that his current demeanour was evidently reflecting his dampened spirits. “Oh, that would be me, I guess,” he said with a self-deprecating smile. “Sabotaging my own metaphorical breakfast.” Not his literal breakfast though, which was only an insult to his usually much healthier diet, not his recent decisions.

Hoping that Kaye didn’t understand his answer as an invitation to probe further, because he didn’t really want to discuss his mood with someone he barely knew beyond her name, he was quick to distract her with a more trivial topic. “What did you go for?” he asked, gesturing to her plate with his fork. He could see for himself some strawberries and a chocolate-based condiment of some variety, but there may have been more hidden in the layers of crepe than he could identify from across the table. Even though he hadn’t been paying much attention to anyone else when he’d loaded his plate, Danny had sensed that some students were making some unique choices in their breakfast selections. It was arguably the ideal scenario to try something different, seeing as plenty other options were available in case of disappointment.

  • Crepes are flatter, so it could be worse - Kaye Packman, Thu Apr 13 21:27
    Kaye was very excited about special breakfast food, but she wasn’t so excited about the pajamas. The event in the Finer Diner wanted them to come get the glorious breakfast food while dressed in... more
    • Perhaps I should not use food as descriptors - Dardanius, Fri Apr 14 15:27
      • Oh cool, it looked like she’d confused him. Kaye wasn’t surprised; she took a bit of pride in being able to confuse people. She’d spent quite a bit of her life being teased and bullied. It started... more
        • It apparently would take more than a brief interaction for Danny to figure out how to talk to Kaye. He didn’t expect her to care what was causing his subdued mood, but he didn’t think she would grin... more
          • Like? - Kaye, Thu Apr 20 20:39
            Kaye wondered what other sweet crepes she could get the house elves to make. Nutella and strawberries was a very good go-to, but there were so many other options. For a Muggle branded food, it was... more
            • Or adjectives. Blue, for example - Danny, Fri Apr 21 10:20
              He would concede that his own meal was sweet, and certainly more so than his usual selections. “I usually go for more savoury stuff,” Danny offered an explanation for his reaction to Kaye’s crepes.... more
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