I mean, it's a very visual way to do it
Fri Apr 14, 2017 16:16

Oh cool, it looked like she’d confused him. Kaye wasn’t surprised; she took a bit of pride in being able to confuse people. She’d spent quite a bit of her life being teased and bullied. It started with the gay dads and got worse with the bald thing. She lost her hair right before puberty hit, and other kids just couldn’t handle knowing a bald girl who had two dads and the last name Packman. She didn’t see why these things mattered to people, but it did, so she’d gotten used to getting on people’s weird/confused sides before they zeroed in on other things. It was easier, and it gave her more control.

Plus, getting people to make faces like that was just fun.

Oh, that would be me, I guess. Sabotaging my own metaphorical breakfast.”

“Ah, so it’s a personal problem, then. Sucks to be you,” she grinned, then ate another forkful of Nutella and strawberry crepe. Damn, this was a good breakfast. She could eat so many more of these. Maybe she’d get another set of crepes made. Oh, what if she added banana slices next time? That would be so delicious. Kaye was tiny, but she could out eat a lot of people. She’d briefly considered taking part in the pancake eating contest with Professor Boot, but he might be a ghost, and that seemed like a really unfair advantage to have in a contest. Since she spent some time tricking people into giving her money while playing pool, she knew a hustle when she saw one.

Danny asked what she was eating, and then it was Kaye’s turn to blink, because she thought it was pretty obvious. “Well, they’re crepes. With Nutella and strawberries. I’m thinking of adding bananas next time.” She took another sip of her sugary mocha and continued to grin. That was a dull question from someone who seemed so interesting. Or, well, hung out constantly with the people the rest of the school thought of as interesting. Really, she expected more.

“Here,” Kaye cut a piece of her crepe and made sure that it had a solid amount of Nutella and at least one strawberry. Then, she reached across the table and placed it on his plate. She knocked over a glass that another student may have left behind, and, aside from the fact that it made a dull thudding sound, she either didn’t notice or care enough to pick it up. “Okay, pretty boy, tell me what you have.”

Sometimes, when things didn’t seem interesting, she’d take it upon herself to make it interesting. Kaye Packman liked to find a way or make one.

  • Perhaps I should not use food as descriptors - Dardanius, Fri Apr 14 15:27
    While he had looked up when someone had joined him at the table, it wasn’t one of his friends, and Danny had no idea whether Kaye was likely to speak to him or not (he had barely spoken to Ruben, who ... more
    • I mean, it's a very visual way to do it - Kaye, Fri Apr 14 16:16
      • It apparently would take more than a brief interaction for Danny to figure out how to talk to Kaye. He didn’t expect her to care what was causing his subdued mood, but he didn’t think she would grin... more
        • Like? - Kaye, Thu Apr 20 20:39
          Kaye wondered what other sweet crepes she could get the house elves to make. Nutella and strawberries was a very good go-to, but there were so many other options. For a Muggle branded food, it was... more
          • Or adjectives. Blue, for example - Danny, Fri Apr 21 10:20
            He would concede that his own meal was sweet, and certainly more so than his usual selections. “I usually go for more savoury stuff,” Danny offered an explanation for his reaction to Kaye’s crepes.... more
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