Professor Blair
The fun part is pretty convenient
Fri Apr 14, 2017 17:01

Estelle’s face was already starting to form a scowl in anticipation of being harassed over her breakfast to re-mark an essay or any other banal complaint the student could possibly have. (In the state of her current Pregnancy Brain, which seemed to alternate being unreasonably focused on one thing with being reasonably unfocused on many things, the woman had conveniently forgotten that the percentage of students who actually approached her outside of her scheduled office hours was extremely low. This percentage was not exactly surprising, considering her blunt addresses in class about how they shouldn’t be disappointed by their latest grades because it was their own fault and completely preventable if they opened their textbooks for once.)

She paused, though, in seeing who the student actually was, and her face relaxed into something that was definitely not a smile but was also definitely more inviting than a scowl. Remington was easily one of her highest-performing students - an impressive feat, given the girl was only in first year. Before Midterm, Estelle had stopped her after one class to express her curiosity at the girl’s knowledge of more advanced concepts, and Remington had commented that her mother was actually an anthropologist specializing in Muggle society. However, Estelle rather thought that she would have a good standing even without such a close resource in the social sciences. Her participation in class was consistent, and she just seemed more genuinely engaged than most.

Admittedly, that wasn’t too hard. There were always quite a number of students in her younger classes who seemed determined to hang on tightly to whatever their opinion of the world was. That had been a bit disappointing for her when she first started teaching, since it meant that the students who elected to actually continue with Cultural Studies (and thus have the chance to work with way more complex and fun topics) were few and far. But she was seasoned enough now as a professor not to take it personally. Still took it as a chance to really drill it into them when they were young, but didn’t grumble too much when they inevitably vanished off her radar after third year.

Winding up at a table with a student whom she held in higher regard than the average couldn’t fix her mood, but it didn’t worsen it, either. “G’day, Remington,” she greeted the girl, pausing in her enthusiastic eating. “Blueberry syrup does sound good. I’m having something a bit more unusual at a pancake breakfast - kiwi, pickles, cheese, chocolate,” Estelle listed off as she pointed at each layer with her fork. Ever in the mood for a lecture whether the other party wanted it or not, she continued on to explain, “Pickles are one of the foods that most women crave during pregnancy. Some say it’s because of the salt, but I’ve encountered some research that says it’s actually the vinegar. The sour taste keeps the brain preoccupied and helps discourage nausea. Seems to work for me, though I reckon I’ll never know if that’s because the science is true or whether it’s just a placebo.”

  • It's a fun one! - Remington Burnham, Fri Apr 14 10:39
    Remington was usually more dressed up than her peers, so it was weird to walk into the Finer Diner in pajamas. She didn’t have any bows that matched a breakfast food theme, but she did have a cute... more
    • The fun part is pretty convenient - Professor Blair, Fri Apr 14 17:01
      • Let's get into a pickle - Remington, Sun Apr 16 11:38
        Even though she hadn’t finished her first year yet, Remington knew some of the classes she’d continue with after her third year. She had no idea what she wanted to do with her life – understandable,... more
        • With some sugar on top - Professor Blair, Tue Apr 18 12:23
          It was probably completely unprofessional for her, a late-thirties Professor, to be casually sitting and chatting with one of her first-years about pickle cravings. Wearing pyjamas and fuzzy... more
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