I trust your judgement
Sat Apr 15, 2017 01:23

Sara was in awe with the older student sitting next to her. It was a lot for the eleven-year old to take in during breakfast, but the Lyra nodded in agreement trying to seem cool. If she was honest, Sara didn't really understand the whole gender thing - no one had taken the time to explain to her anything other than there were boys and girls in the world -, but she had been raised always respect the people around her. So what if everything that Holland was telling her made no sense to the eleven-year old? Just because she didn't understand it didnt meant that it wasn't true.

The Lyra smiled at Holland and took a bite of her pancakes. The young girl took a sip of her orange juice to pass it more quickly, “Well, it wasn't nice of him to be disrespectful,” she finished with a sure nod of her head.

The mexican-american rested her head on her hand and took a minute before continuing with the conversation, since she was sort of sure that talking about this wasn't probably amusing to Holland. She had heard it had been a very Big Thing and well, it was probably not a good idea to pursue the subject further.

“Sorry I brought it up,” Sara said with a friendly smile on her face. She preferred to continue in another path of conversation. “It was probably bad for you.” Sara looked at Holland hopefully since she didn't want to make the older student angry at her, especially since it was a small school and Sara was relying on older students to help her out when it came to her studies.

  • 10/10, do recommend - Holland, Wed Apr 12 11:17
    “Holland Keene,” they introduced themself, perhaps unnecessarily. At this point Holland seemed fairly well-known within the school. They took a bite of the spinach-ricotta crepe, which they realized... more
    • I trust your judgement - Sara, Sat Apr 15 01:23
      • Consider me honored - Holland, Mon Apr 17 11:11
        Holland was expecting the Spanish Inquisition about their gender. Even well-intentioned underclasspeople, like Marley, asked a lot of questions because they’d never had the concept of non-binary... more
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