Let's get into a pickle
Sun Apr 16, 2017 11:38

Even though she hadn’t finished her first year yet, Remington knew some of the classes she’d continue with after her third year. She had no idea what she wanted to do with her life – understandable, at barely twelve years old – but she sometimes imagined following her parents’ footsteps. Well, more her mom’s than her dad’s. Actually, she definitely didn’t plan on following her dad’s example. She loved him, but the girl just didn’t see the appeal of teaching sex ed to hormonal teens and throwing toy parties for even more hormonal adults. Anthropology was way better suited for her.

Anyway, that meant Remington knew she’d continue with Cultural Studies after her third year. From what she could tell, the upper year classes were less crowded. She had trouble understanding why people didn’t choose to take a class that only expanded their world view. She knew that Cultural Studies could make people uncomfortable, but Mom said that through discomfort, people found truth and understanding. Or something like that. “A little bit of awkward is good,” she could practically hear her mom say in a sing-song voice.

She knew for sure she’d keep taking Cultural Studies. She’d probably continue with Spellwork, because it seemed like everyone did anyway. Maybe the class was still mandatory after third year? History of Magic paired well with a career in social sciences or whatever; people needed to know where they came from in order to figure out where they should go next. She knew she needed more classes to round out her schedule, but she hadn’t decided on others yet. She had time, though.

“Mom told me that she ate pickles on everything when she was pregnant with me,” Remington said, deciding she wasn’t at all weirded out by her professor’s food combination. Or that her professor was sitting and chatting with her. “She said she stuffed pickles with grape jelly. Oh, one time she dipped a pickle in one of those strawberry frappucinos, like a really cold chips and dip.” The darker skinned girl thought about it. “I wonder what else you could eat with pickles.”

  • The fun part is pretty convenient - Professor Blair, Fri Apr 14 17:01
    Estelle’s face was already starting to form a scowl in anticipation of being harassed over her breakfast to re-mark an essay or any other banal complaint the student could possibly have. (In the... more
    • Let's get into a pickle - Remington, Sun Apr 16 11:38
      • With some sugar on top - Professor Blair, Tue Apr 18 12:23
        It was probably completely unprofessional for her, a late-thirties Professor, to be casually sitting and chatting with one of her first-years about pickle cravings. Wearing pyjamas and fuzzy... more
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