Give me a shot
Sun Apr 16, 2017 22:47

Holland had plenty of experience correcting people who thought they were female. Occasionally they were mistaken for being a binary male, but because their clothes tended toward the femme, it was usually the other way around. There was a range of reactions, from rude to awkward to overly-accommodating. It would be nice if for once, someone would just say “oh, okay” and not be confused or ask a lot of questions. Societal gender norms was half the problem, but another problem was people who incorrectly thought they had the right to know what was in other peoples’ pants.

Dade’s reaction, which was to say absolutely nothing while looking slightly smug, was a new one. Connor had a more typical response. On each side of his cheeks, the apple had started to glow with an embarrassed red flush. He looked like he wanted a trapdoor to open under him and he didn’t care what was under it.

To his credit, Connor didn’t ask any questions. He just accepted the correction and moved on. More people should really react like that, Holland thought, and took another bite of their spaghetti.

Although, Holland realized a few moments later, that was probably because they hadn’t given the non-binary elevator pitch. And now he’d changed the subject, which was fair and actually quite polite. “I am,” they answered. “The process right now mostly trying to get better at non-verbal and wandless magic. It’s harder than you’d think. Like, just doing simple Levitating Charms feels impossible once you don’t have your wand on you.” Holland had read up on the expression of accidental magic for class; it was fascinating how control over magic came at the expense of inability to perform it wandlessly. “Eventually we’ll be doing real self-transfiguration, which is kind of scary. My form is apparently an octopus, so it’ll be interesting to, like, not have bones.” Interesting was a word for it. Slightly terrifying was a phrase. Holland was not sure how much they trusting their ability not to get stuck transformed once they got to that point.

Holland’s mind went back to the earlier conversation topic, because it was easier to think about than being an invertebrate. “Sorry, I just think I should clarify,” Holland added. “I can see why you would think I’m a woman because makeup and some of my clothes are coded feminine in the dominant culture. But I’m actually non-binary, which means I don’t identify as male or female—the two binary genders—I’m somewhere in between. So I dress in kind of a mixed way and I use the pronouns ‘they’ and ‘them.’ So like, if you were talking about me, you’d say, ‘I saw Holland in the Diner today. They were eating spaghetti and I talked to them.’ Makes sense?”

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