Consider me honored
Mon Apr 17, 2017 11:11

Holland was expecting the Spanish Inquisition about their gender. Even well-intentioned underclasspeople, like Marley, asked a lot of questions because they’d never had the concept of non-binary genders introduced to them and just didn’t get it. When people weren’t offensive on purpose, Holland was patient with explanation for corrections. Their tolerance for non-willful ignorance was high, but Holland’s response was more hair-trigger with deliberate disrespect.

As Lucien could attest.

“It wasn’t nice of him,” Holland agreed. Not that they had ever thought of Lucien Dubois as particularly nice; even outside of Gendergate, he came off as arrogant. “And, I mean, it wasn’t fun for me, but I’m pretty much over it. My friends stuck up for me so that was…” Heartwarming? They shrugged. It was good to know who had your back. “It just reminded me that I have some great friends.”

There was a slightly awkward pause. Holland turned their fork over in their hand a few times, looking down at their plate. Holland wasn’t much of a fidgeter, but both of their parents were. Monty was inclined to shred bits of paper as a motor distracting, which was usually just bad for receipts or napkins but occasionally destroyed important phone numbers. Bryony’s was objectively worse; she played with her wand absentmindedly when she was lost in thought, occasionally shooting off sparks or smoke. She’d triggered the smoke alarm more than once by doing that in her office.

Holland had a few bites of their other crepe. The chocolate-hazelnut spread had melted and mixed with the chunks of strawberry, and the overall effect was very sweet and very good. Maybe they would have the same for dinner—although Holland usually liked to try new foods when the school had events like this. Sara didn’t say anything more, so Holland decided it was their job to continue the conversation. Small talk it is. “Are you having a good time at RMI so far? Any classes you really like?”

  • I trust your judgement - Sara, Sat Apr 15 01:23
    Sara was in awe with the older student sitting next to her. It was a lot for the eleven-year old to take in during breakfast, but the Lyra nodded in agreement trying to seem cool. If she was honest,... more
    • Consider me honored - Holland, Mon Apr 17 11:11
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