I am optimistic about this
Tue Apr 18, 2017 13:16

“Well, this is a pancake breakfast, duh,” Marley pointed out cheerfully. “So that’s why I got you some plain pancakes. Plain pancakes are basically toast. Like, they’re all just bread.” Really, pancakes were a closer relative to toast than even French toast, which had toast right in its name. You couldn’t put French toast in the toaster. Well, technically, you could, but Marley had tried it last Midterm with leftover French toast from when her mum had actually cooked over the Christmas weekend, and the French toast had been so thick that it got stuck. Her mum had to use some charms to get the smokey smell out of the walls! That was still less bad than when she had been a little kid staying at her dad’s for Christmas, though. Dad had started dunking the bread into eggs and then handed it to her, but she had forgotten about the skittle that he’d pointed out and instead ran over to drop it in the toaster. It was a good thing Mum was a mechanic, because she knew enough about magic and electricity that she had been able to fix the toaster instead of having to buy a new one.

With these examples coming to mind, Marley almost fell into a Personal Thought-spiral. Because why was it that her parents only ever seemed to put effort into making fancy French toast when it was Christmastime? French toast tasted sorta Christmassy, she supposed, with the cinnamon and maple syrup, and it was nice to bite into while watching the snow fall outside, but it only occurred to her now that she had never had French toast while the weather was warm. But they had, like, oatmeal when the weather was warm, so obviously warm weather-plus-warm food wasn’t the problem. So what was?

Okay, so she actually did fall into a Personal Thought-spiral, but she shook herself out of it pretty quickly because Connor was here and silently staring at the pancake for a few seconds like she had was probably a bit weird. Marley didn’t want him to think she was weird. “Okay!” she announced briskly, picking up a knife. “Since you want toast but we don’t have any, maybe we should just start with the pancake and then move up to celery, alright?” It was a question, but it also wasn’t a question at all. Stabbing the knife into the jar, the dark-skinned girl drew it out covered in a healthy portion of Cheese Whiz and proceeded to slather the creamy, cheesey-smelling goop onto one of the pancakes. The pancakes were pretty big and she didn’t think that Connor would want the whole one - he had to save room for ‘Ants on a Log’, too. So instead, Marley made sure the layer of Cheese Whiz was nice and thick, and then sliced the pancake in half. She picked up one half and turned to Connor with a grin. “Cheers!” Expecting him to take the other half, she held up her half of the pancake as if to ‘clink’ it against his like a toast.

...Hah, toast.

  • Oh right. Marley had mentioned that the way to eat Cheese Whiz was either on its own or on something before - Connor had lost it in the mess of words that constantly tumbled out of his yearmate’s... more
    • I am optimistic about this - Marley, Tue Apr 18 13:16
      • Among the other things that Marley seemed to think were correct that were objectively not apparently included the role of toast in a breakfast. Connor was of the strict opinion that anything called... more
        • Optimism always has a place here! - Marley, Wed Apr 19 10:20
          Connor apparently hadn't seen the humour of the pun that was literally right in front of him. (She conveniently forgot that she hadn't directly pointed it out to him, but she would probably realize... more
          • I refuse - Connor, Wed Apr 19 11:16
            Marley sighed at him and Connor scowled right back at her. It wasn’t his fault that she thought touching food with her hands was acceptable. He had manners and knew better. Admittedly it wasn’t... more
            • That's not allowed - Marley, Wed Apr 19 22:41
              Connor insisted that he wasn't scared, which Marley hadn't really expected because he was generally such an honest person. Maybe not an open person. He was really quiet, and when people were really... more
              • But consider: what if it was - Connor, Thu Apr 20 04:42
                In the midst of his coughing, the last thing Connor had expected was for Marley to come up and whack him on the back, which was of course precisely why she did so. He was too busy coughing to glare,... more
                • Nope. I'm putting my foot down. - Marley, Fri Apr 21 00:08
                  Connor kept coughing for a bit, even after he took some sips of the orange juice. Was that a bad sign? Had her whack been unlucky enough to actually put him in a worse spot? Concerned, Marley kept... more
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