Your misplaced sense of optimism is disturbing
Wed Apr 19, 2017 06:02

Among the other things that Marley seemed to think were correct that were objectively not apparently included the role of toast in a breakfast. Connor was of the strict opinion that anything called ‘breakfast’ should have the option of toast at the very least, and eggs as well if you were going to be really civilized about it. Dade was the sort of person who only ate toast when it came to choosing breakfast, so Connor imagined his brother was currently feeling very uncomfortable, if there was no toast. Not that he could see Dade, since the younger boy had made a very fortuitous escape before being made to participate in this Cheese Whiz nonsense and had yet to reappear. Connor imagined that he had either found that girl he was always spending time with or a quiet corner where he could hide from the ruckus that was this strange, toast-less breakfast.

Connor considered arguing with Marley about the nature of pancakes. Although one could make an argument that the pancakes he was used to were closer to toast, he absolutely didn’t believe that American pancakes were anything like toast. They were very thick and very sweet, which people made worse by pouring tons and tons of sugary syrup over them. When Connor ate American pancakes - rare, but unheard of - he preferred them with just a touch of margarine and a more bitter juice, to offset the sugary taste. He had never considered the possibility of trying them with noxious cheese goop.

Shifting in his seat, the second year tried to think of a good reason to leave. He could fake allergies, but Marley would probably insist on coming with him to the hospital wing and probably bringing the Cheese Whiz with them. He could insist he had to do homework, but that was not urgent enough for Marley to allow him to escape.

As he thought about his options, Marley had apparently taken his silence as a go-ahead since she took a knife and spread the goop over a pancake, which she then cut in half and held out to him. Um. Was she expecting to take this disgusting, sugary, cheese-covered piece of pancake with his hands and then eat it with his hands?! It looked like the answer was yes, and Connor shuddered. He was the sort of person who ate things that might be messy with a knife and fork, regardless of how strange people thought that was.

“I don’t have an extra plate,” he protested, keeping his hands firmly by his sides in order to prevent Marley from overenthusiastically shoving the disgusting thing into his grasp.

  • I am optimistic about this - Marley, Tue Apr 18 13:16
    “Well, this is a pancake breakfast, duh,” Marley pointed out cheerfully. “So that’s why I got you some plain pancakes. Plain pancakes are basically toast. Like, they’re all just bread.” Really,... more
    • Your misplaced sense of optimism is disturbing - Connor, Wed Apr 19 06:02
      • Optimism always has a place here! - Marley, Wed Apr 19 10:20
        Connor apparently hadn't seen the humour of the pun that was literally right in front of him. (She conveniently forgot that she hadn't directly pointed it out to him, but she would probably realize... more
        • I refuse - Connor, Wed Apr 19 11:16
          Marley sighed at him and Connor scowled right back at her. It wasn’t his fault that she thought touching food with her hands was acceptable. He had manners and knew better. Admittedly it wasn’t... more
          • That's not allowed - Marley, Wed Apr 19 22:41
            Connor insisted that he wasn't scared, which Marley hadn't really expected because he was generally such an honest person. Maybe not an open person. He was really quiet, and when people were really... more
            • But consider: what if it was - Connor, Thu Apr 20 04:42
              In the midst of his coughing, the last thing Connor had expected was for Marley to come up and whack him on the back, which was of course precisely why she did so. He was too busy coughing to glare,... more
              • Nope. I'm putting my foot down. - Marley, Fri Apr 21 00:08
                Connor kept coughing for a bit, even after he took some sips of the orange juice. Was that a bad sign? Had her whack been unlucky enough to actually put him in a worse spot? Concerned, Marley kept... more
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