I refuse
Wed Apr 19, 2017 11:16

Marley sighed at him and Connor scowled right back at her. It wasnít his fault that she thought touching food with her hands was acceptable. He had manners and knew better. Admittedly it wasnít necessarily her fault that she didnít have manners - her parents had clearly failed to raise their daughter with appropriate socialization, but she was part Muggle and Connor supposed you couldnít expect much better - but she still didnít have manners and it was starting to be a problem. Connor was about to voice his complaints with her a little more directly, when Marley reached over and started moving his food around his plate in order to put the orange abomination down on it. With wide eyes, Connor examined his plate to make sure that the gross orange thing was not touching the rest of his food. It wasnít, but to his disappointment his other food was now touching. He frowned. Connor didnít like it when his food touched.

And then on top of everything, Marley said that he was scared of the Cheese Whiz! Connor was offended. He wasnít scared he just had good taste and common sense, both of which were protesting vehemently against the concept of putting that thing in his mouth. But Connor had also grown up with Rose as a big sister, and if there was one thing he hated it was to be teased for being a scaredy-cat (something Rose had done often when they were younger).

ďIím not scared,Ē he huffed, taking his knife and fork and cutting off the tiniest possible slice of pancake-with-goop that he could manage. He slid it on to his fork using the edge of his knife, acting as though it was covered with Exploding Fluid. ďAnd Iím not cute,Ē he added for good measure, cheeks pink at Marleyís comment, ready to do anything to stall until he could figure a way out of this mess. He looked around a final time and seeing no other recourse, resigned himself to his fate. Connor opened his mouth and as slowly as possible, gently placed the sliver of pancake in it.

At first, Connor was willing to admit that it wasnít as bad as he had expected. It was like a very bland cheddar cheese, which was unanticipated given its very vivid color. Then it got a little - tangy? He made a face. He didnít like that. And then it got sweet all of a sudden and he nearly gagged. The texture wasnít helping either. It was something like smooth, slimy Philadelphia. He tried to swallow, but his throat was too dry and the pancake texture mixed with the texture of the Cheese Whiz was too much for him to handle and instead of successfully swallowing the disgusting concoction he started choking, quickly grabbing a napkin to spit it out into and then looking around for a drink. Unfortunately, he had forgotten to grab one so instead he was stuck coughing, trying to clear his throat of goop and crumbs.

  • Optimism always has a place here! - Marley, Wed Apr 19 10:20
    Connor apparently hadn't seen the humour of the pun that was literally right in front of him. (She conveniently forgot that she hadn't directly pointed it out to him, but she would probably realize... more
    • I refuse - Connor, Wed Apr 19 11:16
      • That's not allowed - Marley, Wed Apr 19 22:41
        Connor insisted that he wasn't scared, which Marley hadn't really expected because he was generally such an honest person. Maybe not an open person. He was really quiet, and when people were really... more
        • But consider: what if it was - Connor, Thu Apr 20 04:42
          In the midst of his coughing, the last thing Connor had expected was for Marley to come up and whack him on the back, which was of course precisely why she did so. He was too busy coughing to glare,... more
          • Nope. I'm putting my foot down. - Marley, Fri Apr 21 00:08
            Connor kept coughing for a bit, even after he took some sips of the orange juice. Was that a bad sign? Had her whack been unlucky enough to actually put him in a worse spot? Concerned, Marley kept... more
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