Thu Apr 20, 2017 20:39

Kaye wondered what other sweet crepes she could get the house elves to make. Nutella and strawberries was a very good go-to, but there were so many other options. For a Muggle branded food, it was still easy to find in the magical world. One of the things she hadn’t seen at Rocky Mountain International yet was cookie butter. She couldn’t imagine what a cookie butter crepe would taste like. Joy, probably. And happiness. She wouldn’t add the cookie butter with the Nutella, though. That’d be crazy. Even Kaye’s easy to please taste buds would argue against that.

Peanut butter and Nutella was a combination she could get behind, though. That could also go well with bananas.

Her sudden thoughts about different, sweet things she could eat at this random breakfast event were almost enough to distract herself from Danny’s surprised expression. Almost, but not quite. Kaye grinned again. Man, this was almost too easy. She blew some of the green bangs out of her face while she watched him; the bangs were just a little too long. She’d probably trim them as soon as she got back to the Aquila dorms.

“You’re right, it’s not necessary,” Kaye shrugged, “Most things aren’t.”

She was pleased to see that he was going to participate in this breakfast ritual. It was a thing she did with her dads. When they went out to eat, they’d each order something different. Then, they’d pass around each other’s food. Papa wasn’t a big fan of the whole thing, but he loved Kaye and Dad, so he put up with it. They’d end up with three different dishes on their plates, and it allowed for lots of exploring.

Danny passed along a caramelized apple waffle, which she enthusiastically tried. She seemed to like her new option more than he did. The face made got her to laugh. “How can you eat a whole plate of that?” He asked. She knew the question wasn’t meant to be answered, but she hardly cared. People wouldn’t ask questions if they didn’t expect some kind of answer.

“Yours is sweet too,” she pointed out, “It’s just a different kind of sweet. And I like chocolate.” She held up her sugary mocha as if that explained everything before taking another sip. Her blue eyes, still heavily lined because she refused to not wear makeup in public, scanned the Diner. Her gaze stopped to snicker at the huge, red storm cloud that was Marissa Kendrick’s hair. Did the girl electrocute herself this morning? Geez, why did she even come to the Diner?

"What a mess," The Aquila shrugged in the red head's direction and brought her gaze back to the student in front of her. “So, is this pajama breakfast a thing that happens every year? Or does random stuff like this just happen, and y’all go with the flow?”

  • It apparently would take more than a brief interaction for Danny to figure out how to talk to Kaye. He didn’t expect her to care what was causing his subdued mood, but he didn’t think she would grin... more
    • Like? - Kaye, Thu Apr 20 20:39
      • Or adjectives. Blue, for example - Danny, Fri Apr 21 10:20
        He would concede that his own meal was sweet, and certainly more so than his usual selections. “I usually go for more savoury stuff,” Danny offered an explanation for his reaction to Kaye’s crepes.... more
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