Or adjectives. Blue, for example
Fri Apr 21, 2017 10:20

He would concede that his own meal was sweet, and certainly more so than his usual selections. “I usually go for more savoury stuff,” Danny offered an explanation for his reaction to Kaye’s crepes. “Toast or eggs something.” Usually both. Spinach and mushroom omelette with a citrus fruit juice, like orange or grapefruit juice, was his current preference, but that was subject to change any day of the week. Kaye claimed to like chocolate; Danny thought that would be difficult to fit into most mealtimes, so Nutella crepes was probably the right choice for the fourth year.

Danny finished what remained of his waffle (now its sweetness had been pointed out to him, he noticed it more somehow; he would have left it unfinished but he didn't like to waste food) while Kaye seemed distracted looking around the Diner. He wondered whether she was looking for someone in particular, and either leave him alone again or invite said person to join them - at which point Danny might excuse himself. Despite not feeling as social as usual, he wasn't objecting to Kaye’s company - she was a little difficult to interpret but not unpleasant - but three was probably a crowd. Apparently she didn't find her quarry (or maybe she wasn't searching in the first place? He wasn't sure now) because she made an innocuous comment and no further movement.

Unfortunately Danny had heard the comment, and the accompanying snigger, and had noticed about whom it had been made. He couldn't be sure exactly what had happened to Marissa’s even-more-wild-than-usual hair but he was bothered by Kaye’s assessment of it, despite its indisputable accuracy. His stomach executed a strange churning sensation as he noticed that Marissa wasn't her usual, cheerful self, either. He hoped he wasn't the cause for her low mood as well as his own, although that would be a great coincidence. He had thought they ended their conversation on good terms, however; if Marissa was upset because of him then Danny wasn’t really sure why.

Luckily Kaye asked another question to distract him from Marissa; Danny hadn't realised he had been frowning in the redhead’s direction. He turned his attention back to the girl in the green wig (at least assumed it was a wig - Rose had suggested as much earlier in the year and Danny thought he’d heard Holland mention it, too) instead. “Random, I guess,” he said with a shrug. The staff organised events from time to time, and sometimes Marissa collaborated with the staff, like with the Hallowe’en party that year. “I can't speak for everyone else, but I like it when there’s an event or celebration. Shakes things up a bit, breaks the routine a little.” Okay so pancakes weren't the most exciting thing in the history of anything, but the fact that several people’s breakfasts seemed to be escaping their plates and floating aimlessly around the Diner added some novelty.

Danny drained his coffee. “I'm going to get some toast,” he announced his decision the moment it formed. “Maybe with some avocado. Combat that sugary sweetness,” he half-smiled. Traditionally sweet things tended to be consumed after savoury, but his had hardly been a traditional breakfast as far as the Lyra was concerned. “Can I get you anything while I’m up?”

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    Kaye wondered what other sweet crepes she could get the house elves to make. Nutella and strawberries was a very good go-to, but there were so many other options. For a Muggle branded food, it was... more
    • Or adjectives. Blue, for example - Danny, Fri Apr 21 10:20
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