Adisynne Leppit
Class of T15 reunion!
Mon May 1, 2017 19:55

Yeargroup-specific reunions were not really a part of RMI’s tradition. Major events at the school were open to alumni of all years past, and that was about as close as it got. But Addi was Addi and liked to do things her own way, and when she realized this year would mark ten years since her graduating class had said goodbye to their student days, she decided it might be fun to have a reunion. Worst case scenario, she knew she could get at least two of her former classmates: a particular Draco alum and Cetus alumna who were stuck with her forever. Plus, it was fun to get in contact with Megan for planning purposes.

That was a decent part of the reason she’d gone through this much effort, really. Even as kids, there was a distinct difference between her world and Megan’s, and after a while, it was vastly apparent that they wouldn’t be hanging out anymore after they graduated from RMI. So this was a good excuse - and one that was socially acceptable - to reclaim her friendship with Megan, even if it was temporary. Adisynne was glad to see her.

They had organized an event with fair efficiency, setting an April date and arranging the only appropriate venue: RMI itself. Admittedly, she was a bit nervous to be back, flooded with both good memories (living here as a student, being on staff) and bad memories (high school drama, getting fired). But it felt right anyway, especially with Reece at her side. It was pretty cool to have her kid running around here too, although he wasn’t joining for the reunion. It was too convenient to be at RMI to not arrange a playdate with the Tennant kids. Addi could hardly imagine what it would be like when her son came to RMI as a student in a few years. He was getting so big now. (And she was getting so old. Sigh.)

If sitcoms were to be trusted, these events often involved wearing nametags. However, Addi figured they could forego such a formality for an event consisting of ten people max. It was a gathering small enough that they would recognize their classmate and introducing significant others wouldn’t be too much of a repetitious bore. And if it was, too bad.

Without much word as to dietary restrictions, Addi allowed herself to pick the dinner herself. And she liked chicken. So it was chicken. There was also salad and whatever, of course, as well as some other sides that went well with the main dish. There was also wine, both red and white, available. Because Addi liked wine. All of it was arranged neatly on the table beside her, the fresh dishes warm and ready beneath a floating sign that slowly glowed different colors, not dissimilar from the signs she had made as a mentor for first year orientations way back in the day. This one greeted the ten-year graduated class, bold and proud.

Welcome home, alumni!”

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