Megan Brenner (née Havelock)
Sparking Diamonds, Sparkling Water
Fri May 5, 2017 07:00

The planning period had been brief, and yet Adisynne had managed it with finesse. Megan had been successful in her efforts to encourage Trevor to go, and to prevent and last minute jitters on his part (he had been through so much recently, she was happy to grant him extra allowances), They met at his home before setting off to the reunion together. Gerry had organised social drinks with some colleagues and clients, and said he expected to be back late; Megan didn’t know how long she anticipated being out, but at least she wouldn’t have to leave early to ease her husband's mind.

Stepping into the Finer Diner after so long an absence was playfully nostalgic. Returning, as an adult, to the place she had spent the majority of her youth, had the peculiar effect of causing Megan to feel far too old, while simultaneously exciting her more youthful sensibilities. She smiled broadly as she noticed the bright welcome banner, and only just refrained from squeezing Trevor’s elbow in excitement (keen as she was to convey her delight, she knew such an action wouldn’t be welcome by her friend, and she made a point not to be selfish in expressing her emotions).

The food was laid ready, and smelled delicious, while gentle instrumental music played quietly and unobtrusively. Perhaps in response to her thrill, Megan’s protuberant abdomen squirmed and wriggled. She automatically placed a hand on the slight curve, evident on her otherwise slender figure. She was still happily wearing the majority of her existing wardrobe, which fit a little better again now that she had regained some of the weight she had lost at the start of her pregnancy. For this particular excursion, she had selected a bottle green dress robe - it was her signature shade, contrasting pleasantly with the red of her hair and her particularly pale skin - fitted around her bust and flowing to her ankles, with sleeves to her elbows and only embellished by occasional, elegant pleats of folded fabric. Small clusters of diamonds sparkled in the lobe of each ear, and on the engagement ring she wore beneath her gold wedding band, and her hair had been artfully braided around each side of her head, to meet at the nape of her neck in an elaborate twist that Megan had no chance of accomplishing without the assistance of her beautician.

“See, this is going to be great fun,” she said to Trevor in a low volume. With a longing glance at the wine, Megan instead took a glass of sparkling water. She wanted to socialize and mingle, but she wasn’t sure exactly what to say to people she hadn’t spoken to in ten years, so she settled for smiling whenever she caught someone’s eye.

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    • Sparking Diamonds, Sparkling Water - Megan Brenner (née Havelock), Fri May 5 07:00
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