Reece Campbell
Not exactly your typical reunion guest
Thu May 11, 2017 23:51

Reece hadn’t been at RMI in a while. He’d dropped out midway through his sixth year, so he was aware of how easy it would be to simply count out the years since and figure out exactly how long it has been, but simultaneously, that wouldn’t have been an easy task at all. Because it would require mentally flipping back through all that time spent pacing the mental health ward, pacing the slums, ranting to his doctor, ranting on street corners, sitting in jail, sitting in classes--

There were many things that Reece took a clinical approach to. He had been raised in a family of Science, after all. But there were other areas where that perspective unfortunately failed him, like his own personal history, or the far less distant memory of his botched birds-and-bees chat with Tycho (it was still fresh in his mind, having happened just a couple weeks ago. He still flinched when it was brought up and rather suspected Addi wouldn’t stop teasing him about it for weeks to come). Reece’s memories of RMI were something that he had eagerly pushed off to the farthest edges of his attention alongside the wand that was pushed more literally to the farthest corner of his drawer under a pile of socks.

‘A while’ was a vague measurement and also appropriate. His expectation that he would ever be back in RMI’s halls, much like his expectation that he would ever be able to say he was dating Addi, was also vague. Vague here meaning non-existent. Like how all the time that had passed between then and now was basically non-existent in his mind.

Addi was the sole reason why Reece was even here tonight - he hadn’t been a member of the same graduating class as her (or any graduating class) and shouldn’t have been at this reunion (or any RMI reunion ever by default). But he was her boyfriend slash partner slash some other label that they hadn’t really decided on yet, and Addi had organized the event, and Tycho was romping around somewhere with the Tennant kids. The twenty-three-year-old was still a little baffled at how he’d managed to land in this family, but it was a real family nonetheless and made him feel something he hadn’t felt since he was a lad. Of course he hadn’t turned down her offer to come along.

Currently sitting at the well-stocked dining table, Reece decided for the nth time that this whole thing felt weird. In his crisp grey suit and blue button-down, the jacket slung over his chair, he blended in physically, or at least as well as the lanky six-plus-foot man could. But everyone else here was old Addi wasn’t old and he was the youngest one present. She was obviously friends with everyone and playing a lively host, whereas he only knew Andy and Braelyn and was still hesitant to initiate conversation with them or anyone else as obviously they were all here to see each other, not some random dropout.

He took a bite of chicken and then set his fork down to push a bit of overgrown black hair back from his forehead. Reece’s throat felt dry, but the nearest bottles were full of wine and he was actively keeping away from alcohol, which was partially out of fear of spiraling and partially because he’d popped his meds before coming and they weren’t supposed to mix too well. There was a bottle of water farther down, though. Unfortunately Addi was chatting with someone else, so after a moment’s hesitation Reece looked to the person sitting opposite him. “Sorry, could you pass the water down?” he asked, his lilting Scots accent muted after life in New York City.

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