Dardanius Dubois
Save me! (Tag Rose)
Tue May 23, 2017 15:45

Claudia still wrote home at least every couple of weeks but Dardanius had never been good at keeping in contact to start with, and his efforts had become increasingly latent as the years had progressed. Still his mother was diligent in writing to him at least every month, usually with updates on the family or neighbors or other things he pretended to care about during mealtimes at home. Very occasionally the letters contained what could reasonably be referred to as news, about which Dardanius often cared very little. Yet still more infrequently, the news was actually relevant to him.

As he spied Laertes II at breakfast time, Danny wasn’t surprised that his mother’s owl first delivered a letter to Claudia before then landing on the fifth year’s shoulder (the bird had been trained never to land on a table when food was present. That was simply unsanitary). He allowed Laertes II to peck some breakfast scraps from his palm, and barely flinched as talons dug gently into his shoulder before the owl took flight once more.

Continuing consumption of his breakfast of wholemeal bagel with avocado and smoked salmon, Danny read the letter with a limited level of interest until its content caused him to pause eating, and then forget his food altogether. Why in Merlin’s name did his parents and grandparents think it was a good idea to make a big deal of his coming of age in September by holding an extra celebration at the end of the summer? That sounded like the worst idea possible to Dardanius. He already had to deal with more than his fair share of pushy parents jostling their pureblooded daughters in his direction (he was so thankful to be attending RMI where he seemed to have escaped that fate during term time, despite his parents having to endure repeated queries about why he wasn’t at some private academy or other, like the rest of them) and didn’t think that the focus on his being of age to legally wed would help in the slightest.

His summer was going to be a nightmare. He supposed he could feign illness, but even with the limited likelihood of that being successful, he might then not be allowed to return to RMI at its culmination, which would be even worse. Maybe he should just pick one and be done with it, but no, even the thought of that made the food he’d already consumed feel like lead in his stomach. Ha, if only he could pretend a betrothal, rather than an illness. That wouldn’t stop him from coming back to school, and it would keep the debutantes at bay. Unfortunately he didn’t seriously believe for a second that any of those girls would agree to a fake engagement. Besides, she’d have to be fierce enough to defend her place against her more determined competitors.

Dardanius sighed, and noticed half his breakfast remained on his plate, but his mouth was too dry for bagel. He looked up to locate a beverage, his mind still working furiously for a solution. “Hey Rose, could you pass the -” he stopped. Rose. Well that could work. Before he’d had time to think it through, Danny had already changed his line of questioning, and asked, “Do you want to come and stay with me at the end of the summer?”

    • A little late to the game but here I am - Rose Farnon, Mon Jun 5 04:38
      If things had been slightly different, Rose would be feeling particularly smug at the moment. For some reason, Camilla had apparently decided that Rose was involved in the ambush. Rose was pretty... more
      • I posted a little prematurely - Dardanius, Tue Jun 6 06:53
        Considering what he had learned over the past five years about Rose’s relationship with her family at home, Danny hadn’t expected her to turn his offer down, although she did surprise him by agreeing ... more
        • Let's try this again - Rose, Mon Jun 19 08:17
          Rose snorted when Danny responded with a question about if there had to be a reason. “There doesn’t have to be one,” she responded, mentally tacking on a friendly ‘you idiot’. “But you haven’t... more
          • Just showing you up - Danny, Mon Jun 19 09:54
            Rose’s outfit-related query was delivered in a way that indicated her acceptance of his invitation might depend on Danny’s answer, which would have caused him some concern if she hadn’t actually... more
            • Matching you - Rose, Mon Jun 19 13:24
              “Robes it is!” Rose said definitively, giving her hot cereal a stir. By this point ‘hot’ might have been a little bit of a strong adjective for the congealing lumps in the bowl in front of her; the... more
              • A match made in fiction - Danny, Tue Jun 20 05:40
                He tried not to grin when Rose made her answer which was - in a weird and roundabout way - her agreeing to play engagement at the end of the summer. He thought he did a pretty good job of keeping a... more
                • Fiction, true fiction - Rose, Tue Jun 20 06:34
                  Rose snickered at Danny’s response to her inquiry. She didn’t bother to hide it - by this point, Danny knew that she could find him infinitely entertaining on the right day, and the severity of his... more
                  • Fictional as a unicorn... - Danny, Tue Jun 20 11:56
                    Danny was not the least surprised that Rose rejected his premise. He pushed his breakfast plate to the side and clasped his hands on the table while he listened to her revised version of events. He... more
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