Then let me clear things up for you
Sat Jun 3, 2017 00:00

In terms of dating (and likely many other areas), Ruben was a more physical type than Holland. That had taken some getting used to: making out in the halls wasn’t exactly hens preferred style of greeting, as had been established pretty early on in their relationship. They had come to a sort of compromise with boring reserved contact in public, which he had struggled with at first, but only briefly - Holland was pretty fun for conversation and stuff, too, and he could admit having been surprised to find hens company enjoyable whether in public or private. Things were good.

He wasn’t quite so used to boring reserved kisses that the difference in hens response today slid past him. His lips pressed together in a slightly confused expression as he drew back, which increased when the comfortable position he’d curled around hen was rejected. Rejection was rare for him, but not an unfamiliar experience. It was just the reality of how casual his dating history up to now had been, and Ruben didn’t tend to take it personally when he got occasionally waved off. Sort of felt different with Holland, though, when he pulled his arm back to his own lap.

“Is that true?”

Ååååh, okay, so there wasn’t actually anything wrong with Holland that was causing hen to act a bit oddly now. Ruben’s face almost instantly relaxed and he shook his head with a new expression that could almost be compared to his usual small smirk, minus the lingering disgruntlement over Garen’s ridiculous punishments. “Heather has said that?” He hadn’t interacted much with the younger Aquila; all that he knew of her was from what Kaye had told him. Which was also the reason why he hadn’t sought out her company.

“Ja,” he shrugged before pausing to correct himself. “Not completely true.” Holland was frowning, and he knew hen found details reassuring, if only for the increased chance to counter them. It wasn’t possible for them to share classes for months and have him not figure that one out. “I did help EJ. But…” Ruben cast a quick glance around, checking for no professors (or Camillas) in hearing range, and then dropped his voice lower for good measure. Due to having spent most of his time since the duel either in Garen’s office or his private dorm room, he hadn’t spoken yet to Rose and wasn’t completely sure if she was still in the clear. Better to play it safe. “I never touched Camilla. Or even used a spell.” Well, he’d cast Muffliato at one point, but that hadn’t been directly against Camilla, so it was obviously irrelevant. “But Rose did not want to be caught, and I did not mind, so I took the full credit for it.”

  • Not sure I’m in a helping mood - Holland Keene, Fri Jun 2 20:17
    For once this year (between the Lucien thing and dating Ruben) the gossip mill wasn’t exclusively grinding news about Holland. The whole situation with Elijah Carthy—who had apparently assaulted... more
    • Then let me clear things up for you - Ruben, Sat Jun 3 00:00
      • That might help - Holland, Sat Jun 3 11:51
        Here was what Heather had said: Ruben and Camilla both got in trouble for hitting each other in Dueling Club, and also Camilla had made Ruben’s hair fall out. Danny had told Holland about the... more
        • Holland’s announcement that hen had questions came as no surprise, of course, and he made a sort of go ahead gesture, crossing a nod with a slight hand-wave. The way that Holland approached hens set... more
          • Not quite - Holland, Sat Jun 3 16:36
            Holland was only marginally annoyed that Ruben started by answering the question they wanted the answer to the least. The mild annoyance didn’t stop Holland’s brain from taking off with the... more
            • Why not? - Ruben, Sat Jun 3 18:59
              The next words out of Holland’s mouth did not acknowledge his lack of hair in the slightest. Ruben made a disappointed noise in the back of his throat and raised his glass. Yet again, his hair wasn’t ... more
              • I’m definitely not feeling helpful now - Holland, Sat Jun 3 23:44
                Either Ruben was being deliberately obtuse, or he genuinely didn’t understand why Holland would have a problem with him attacking Lucien and Camilla. Holland wasn’t thrilled with either of those... more
                • Maybe you're taking on too much - Ruben, Sun Jun 4 18:18
                  Considering the more interesting extremes of his previous fighting experience (a satisfying mix of pre-arranged sparring with randomly provoked brawls), Ruben would be hard-pressed to classify what... more
                  • Maybe you’re talking too much - Holland, Sun Jun 4 21:34
                    To his credit, Ruben sounded like he meant it when he said he would never hurt them. Holland really wanted to believe that. It was true that until the last two days, they’d never remotely thought... more
                    • If only you'd let me talk more - Ruben, Mon Jun 5 00:23
                      Holland’s I like you too didn’t give him the satisfaction it should have. Largely because it sounded like an automatic response, something hen had said just as a way to shut him up before launching... more
                      • Your actions spoke for themselves - Holland, Mon Jun 5 21:57
                        Apparently, Ruben’s biggest priority right now was to object that it was not easy for him to get into fights with people. As a person, Holland was primed to spot discrepancies, and Ruben had... more
                        • I do prefer actions over words - Ruben, Wed Jun 14 12:01
                          It didn't resolve any of his confusion about the unnecessary debate they'd wound up in, but Holland's confirmation that they could at least talk about it later was somewhat reassuring. Ruben would... more
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