Why not?
Sat Jun 3, 2017 18:59

The next words out of Holland’s mouth did not acknowledge his lack of hair in the slightest. Ruben made a disappointed noise in the back of his throat and raised his glass. Yet again, his hair wasn’t being addressed. Garen ignoring his scalp’s state of crisis yesterday had been offensive. The next time Garen did so (which was literally earlier today when the man had called him back to his office) had also been offensive but was expected, at that point, so it hadn’t made Ruben any more peeved about the whole thing than he already was.

He did leave Garen’s office for the second time in an increasingly bad mood, but his hair wasn’t part of it. Nope, he simply disagreed with the man’s way too negative evaluation of his getting involved with EJ and the Frenchie. It had so obviously been the better choice, and he’d become pretty frustrated after trying and failing to get this point across. Getting suspended was totally unjustified. He wouldn’t have minded if it meant getting to go home, but nope, he was going to be spending the foreseeable future basically sitting around and BS-ing some kind of essay about why Garen thought beating up Lucien was bad.

Ruben hadn’t expected his significant other to ignore his hair. In fact, with their shared passion for hair and haircare, it hadn’t even registered as a possibility. Cue his current disappointment. The disappointed spin on his mood didn’t distract him from their conversation, though; Holland’s question-tone summaries of what he had described to hen were strange enough that he put his milk down and twisted sideways somewhat to face hen more directly. Thick eyebrows, always expressive no matter how hard he might try to appear nonchalant, drew together in confusion.

“What is wrong with you?”

“Wrong?” Ruben echoed, feeling the need to verify that he’d heard correctly. “I… Nothing is wrong, Holland.” Was hen going to take Garen’s side on this, too? Fan, he hoped not. Going back-and-forth with a faculty member was one thing; the possibility of having to do so with Holland was even less appealing. “Well,” he acknowledged, “how you think something is wrong with me, this sounds wrong. I am maybe not understanding, or you maybe are not. Why are you thinking this? Nothing I have done is not logical,” he pointed out calmly. “You know Camilla and Lucien have done some very bad things, and you know this is something people must react to.” And he was certain Holland also knew his opinion on talking when there were more efficient ways to express oneself.

  • Not quite - Holland, Sat Jun 3 16:36
    Holland was only marginally annoyed that Ruben started by answering the question they wanted the answer to the least. The mild annoyance didn’t stop Holland’s brain from taking off with the... more
    • Why not? - Ruben, Sat Jun 3 18:59
      • I’m definitely not feeling helpful now - Holland, Sat Jun 3 23:44
        Either Ruben was being deliberately obtuse, or he genuinely didn’t understand why Holland would have a problem with him attacking Lucien and Camilla. Holland wasn’t thrilled with either of those... more
        • Maybe you're taking on too much - Ruben, Sun Jun 4 18:18
          Considering the more interesting extremes of his previous fighting experience (a satisfying mix of pre-arranged sparring with randomly provoked brawls), Ruben would be hard-pressed to classify what... more
          • Maybe you’re talking too much - Holland, Sun Jun 4 21:34
            To his credit, Ruben sounded like he meant it when he said he would never hurt them. Holland really wanted to believe that. It was true that until the last two days, they’d never remotely thought... more
            • If only you'd let me talk more - Ruben, Mon Jun 5 00:23
              Holland’s I like you too didn’t give him the satisfaction it should have. Largely because it sounded like an automatic response, something hen had said just as a way to shut him up before launching... more
              • Your actions spoke for themselves - Holland, Mon Jun 5 21:57
                Apparently, Ruben’s biggest priority right now was to object that it was not easy for him to get into fights with people. As a person, Holland was primed to spot discrepancies, and Ruben had... more
                • I do prefer actions over words - Ruben, Wed Jun 14 12:01
                  It didn't resolve any of his confusion about the unnecessary debate they'd wound up in, but Holland's confirmation that they could at least talk about it later was somewhat reassuring. Ruben would... more
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