Maybe you’re talking too much
Sun Jun 4, 2017 21:34

To his credit, Ruben sounded like he meant it when he said he would never hurt them. Holland really wanted to believe that. It was true that until the last two days, they’d never remotely thought that being around Ruben could be dangerous to them. And they were mostly sure that they had asked rhetorically to make a point, not because they were genuinely concerned about their own safety.

That said…

“I like you too. But, what, there wasn’t another way to fix it with Camilla or Lucien? Did you try anything else? You weren’t even directly involved in either of those situations. I don’t like Lucien, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to use violence against him.” The irony that they were defending Lucien here was not lost on Holland. Neither was the irony that they hadn’t been mad at Emmett for hitting Lucien in the hallway during that whole mess. Of course, there was a significant difference between punching someone once in the face versus ganging up on them and kicking and-or punching them multiple times in the ribs. “And Marissa said Camilla apologized and she was fine with it. Was that not a good enough resolution? You just had to make sure Camilla got punched for it?”

Holland was coming to the swift conclusion that they definitely had a problem with the fact that Ruben thought a physical fight confrontation was an acceptable way to solve problems. (Holland couldn’t in good conscience call those incidents “fights,” because the word “fight” connoted the victim had a fair chance to fight back. Lucien and Camilla had both been under attack by two people, and Camilla had been deliberately ambushed, neither of which was fair.) It was a slippery slope from targeted senseless violence to indiscriminate senseless violence.

The thing about knowing you were a paranoid anti-government conspiracy theorist was that it was hard to tell when your paranoia about things beside government conspiracies was justified.

But this time, Holland thought it was. “Intimidating someone into silence isn’t the only way to solve a problem. It being easy for you doesn’t make it okay. And knowing that you don’t have a problem with that doesn’t exactly make me feel comfortable or safe,” they snapped. Holland pushed their chair back from the table and stood to leave. “I think I’m just gonna grab dinner on Pearl Street. I’ll see you around.”

  • Maybe you're taking on too much - Ruben, Sun Jun 4 18:18
    Considering the more interesting extremes of his previous fighting experience (a satisfying mix of pre-arranged sparring with randomly provoked brawls), Ruben would be hard-pressed to classify what... more
    • Maybe you’re talking too much - Holland, Sun Jun 4 21:34
      • If only you'd let me talk more - Ruben, Mon Jun 5 00:23
        Holland’s I like you too didn’t give him the satisfaction it should have. Largely because it sounded like an automatic response, something hen had said just as a way to shut him up before launching... more
        • Your actions spoke for themselves - Holland, Mon Jun 5 21:57
          Apparently, Ruben’s biggest priority right now was to object that it was not easy for him to get into fights with people. As a person, Holland was primed to spot discrepancies, and Ruben had... more
          • I do prefer actions over words - Ruben, Wed Jun 14 12:01
            It didn't resolve any of his confusion about the unnecessary debate they'd wound up in, but Holland's confirmation that they could at least talk about it later was somewhat reassuring. Ruben would... more
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