I posted a little prematurely
Tue Jun 6, 2017 06:53

Considering what he had learned over the past five years about Rose’s relationship with her family at home, Danny hadn’t expected her to turn his offer down, although she did surprise him by agreeing to the visit before asking the reason. Perhaps there didn’t need to be a reason? Danny had never invited his friends home before, but it was hardly an unusual concept for a friend to ask another friend to stay. Although Rose’s question ‘why?’ did indicate that there might, in fact, need to be a reason. Which, of course, there was.

“What, I can’t just invite you to stay, there has to be a reason?” Danny jested with a grin. Perhaps a reason wouldn’t be so necessary if their friendship group hadn’t become quite so fractured recently. Honestly, Danny wasn’t sure how to deal with most of the commotion that seemed to be continuing to unfold on a daily basis; he had thought he had stopped being surprised by the rumour mill until it most recently churned out that Marissa wasn’t speaking to Rose. That couldn’t be entirely accurate - how could you share a room with your best friend and not to speak to her? - but Danny knew that Marissa was really mad because of what Rose and Ruben had done to Camilla. Physical violence had never once occurred to the Lyra as a solution, and recent events seemed to support his argument that it just made things worse.

When Camilla had upset Marissa, Rose had implied to Danny that he needed to stay away from the sixth year. He wondered what her advice to him would be now, considering she had done the exact and total opposite, and hurt two of his friends in the process. By all rights he should be mad at Rose. Mostly he was just surprised. He should probably also inform a staff member of her involvement, at least for Camilla’s sake - she had landed punishments for her involvement, as well as bruises, while Rose was just fine - but he wasn’t going to do that, either. Five years of friendship had to count for something.

“Okay there is a catch,” he admitted, standing up and reaching for a jug of juice rather than asking her to pass it for a second (uninterrupted) time. “Your own room away from your family in beautiful New Orleans with house elf service and an outdoor pool comes with the teeny, tiny cost of having to be my date at a coming of age ball thrown in my honor, and possibly a couple of parties leading up to that.” He even winced a little as he said it - it didn’t even sound like fun to Danny, and he habitually spent his summers attending that sort of event. He took a sip of his drink while he waited for the serious possibility that she might change her mind. “You do get to ask my Mom about her RMI school days,” he added as a sudden, secondary incentive occurred to him. “I know she was here at the same time as Marissa’s parents so maybe she knew your Mom?”

  • A little late to the game but here I am - Rose Farnon, Mon Jun 5 04:38
    If things had been slightly different, Rose would be feeling particularly smug at the moment. For some reason, Camilla had apparently decided that Rose was involved in the ambush. Rose was pretty... more
    • I posted a little prematurely - Dardanius, Tue Jun 6 06:53
      • Let's try this again - Rose, Mon Jun 19 08:17
        Rose snorted when Danny responded with a question about if there had to be a reason. “There doesn’t have to be one,” she responded, mentally tacking on a friendly ‘you idiot’. “But you haven’t... more
        • Just showing you up - Danny, Mon Jun 19 09:54
          Rose’s outfit-related query was delivered in a way that indicated her acceptance of his invitation might depend on Danny’s answer, which would have caused him some concern if she hadn’t actually... more
          • Matching you - Rose, Mon Jun 19 13:24
            “Robes it is!” Rose said definitively, giving her hot cereal a stir. By this point ‘hot’ might have been a little bit of a strong adjective for the congealing lumps in the bowl in front of her; the... more
            • A match made in fiction - Danny, Tue Jun 20 05:40
              He tried not to grin when Rose made her answer which was - in a weird and roundabout way - her agreeing to play engagement at the end of the summer. He thought he did a pretty good job of keeping a... more
              • Fiction, true fiction - Rose, Tue Jun 20 06:34
                Rose snickered at Danny’s response to her inquiry. She didn’t bother to hide it - by this point, Danny knew that she could find him infinitely entertaining on the right day, and the severity of his... more
                • Fictional as a unicorn... - Danny, Tue Jun 20 11:56
                  Danny was not the least surprised that Rose rejected his premise. He pushed his breakfast plate to the side and clasped his hands on the table while he listened to her revised version of events. He... more
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