Let's try this again
Mon Jun 19, 2017 08:17

Rose snorted when Danny responded with a question about if there had to be a reason.

“There doesn’t have to be one,” she responded, mentally tacking on a friendly ‘you idiot’. “But you haven’t exactly made a habit of inviting me over before.” Rose stuck her tongue out at Danny. Her feelings on her yearmate were a little bit on and off, often depending on what he’d done recently to annoy her, but she did like Danny overall and would be more than happy to see more of him over the summer. She probably couldn’t wheedle him into letting Marissa stay as well, but they could maybe meet up somewhere in - well, somewhere. Even after five years at RMI, the English girl hadn’t particularly caught up with American geography. She knew Danny lived in New Orleans, which she also knew was in Louisiana, but Louisiana could have been on the moon as far as Rose was concerned.

Ah yes and there it was. Danny wanted Rose to be his date? Yeah okay she was down for that, even before Danny pointed out that his mum had been at school with hers.

“Robes or dresses?” Rose asked very seriously, meeting Danny’s gaze. She was totally in for all of those things (she did like dressing up and parties, even if they were boring ones with boring people), but clearly Danny felt bad asking, which meant Rose could have some fun with him if she wanted. “Big difference.” the Aquila added, still straight-faced. She had no idea if Danny would actually believe her answer hinged on the question she was asking, but if he did that would be fantastic. Messing with people was one of her favorite pastimes and she could use the boost to her spirits at the moment. And although Rose was pretty sure she was being asked solely because she was the only relatively well-behaved pureblood girl his age that Danny knew, she still felt a little better because she had been the one he asked.

  • I posted a little prematurely - Dardanius, Tue Jun 6 06:53
    Considering what he had learned over the past five years about Rose’s relationship with her family at home, Danny hadn’t expected her to turn his offer down, although she did surprise him by agreeing ... more
    • Let's try this again - Rose, Mon Jun 19 08:17
      • Just showing you up - Danny, Mon Jun 19 09:54
        Rose’s outfit-related query was delivered in a way that indicated her acceptance of his invitation might depend on Danny’s answer, which would have caused him some concern if she hadn’t actually... more
        • Matching you - Rose, Mon Jun 19 13:24
          “Robes it is!” Rose said definitively, giving her hot cereal a stir. By this point ‘hot’ might have been a little bit of a strong adjective for the congealing lumps in the bowl in front of her; the... more
          • A match made in fiction - Danny, Tue Jun 20 05:40
            He tried not to grin when Rose made her answer which was - in a weird and roundabout way - her agreeing to play engagement at the end of the summer. He thought he did a pretty good job of keeping a... more
            • Fiction, true fiction - Rose, Tue Jun 20 06:34
              Rose snickered at Danny’s response to her inquiry. She didn’t bother to hide it - by this point, Danny knew that she could find him infinitely entertaining on the right day, and the severity of his... more
              • Fictional as a unicorn... - Danny, Tue Jun 20 11:56
                Danny was not the least surprised that Rose rejected his premise. He pushed his breakfast plate to the side and clasped his hands on the table while he listened to her revised version of events. He... more
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