Satveer Mittal
Appearance Is Everything
Mon Jun 19, 2017 11:52

The tour left Satveer with butterflies in his stomach and a thousand questions waiting to be asked. Not least to clarify some of the already established mental depictions of the ghost’s gory death.

The school, or at least the tour, was better than he expected, although he acknowledged, he didn’t really know what to expect. One thing was certain, it didn’t yet feel like a school. At least it did not feel like the school his squib brother and squib sister, Balbir and Dilbaagh, described. This was all new to him, a new country, a new house, a new school. Everyone spoke differently, somewhat less formal than the manner in which Satveer was raised.

Satveer was a Mittal. In his ancestral home-town that meant everything! Here though, it didn’t matter. Here, the Mittal Tea Cooperative, didn’t exist. Satveer father, Bachan, was born into a long line of proud, pureblood, tea growers and exporters. Bachan oversaw the UK exports. But not anymore.

Satveer stood, somewhat reluctantly, just inside the room to the left of the doorjamb. He observed his father put one arm around his mother and hold her tightly. A smile beaming across his father’s face as he turned and walked away with other adults. “Huh, I’ve not seen that in a while” Satveer quietly remarked. It was in this moment Satveer realised that this was happening. His posture visibly altered with weight of his father's expectation. Satveer blanked. It was almost as if he were cataloguing the day's events when he heard a voice. He looked up to hear Professor Boot tailing off about ‘where we would rather be’.

Satveer then looked around at the other children. Why were they lifting their trouser legs? Then he overheard something about the colour of socks. Mimicking the other children, Satveer lifted his trouser leg to look at his socks. Black. Of course they were black, he didn’t own any other colour. Satveer’s father saw to that. That morning, Bachan had chosen Satveer’s entire outfit for ‘maximum effect’. Black shoes, smart trousers and a plaid white cotton shirt that matched Satveer’s patka. Although, Satveer didn’t know what effect was trying to be achieved.

Satveer looked around the room to see Professor Boot eating a cookie, seemingly observing the actions of the children. Was this an initiative test? Satveer focused his gaze on the other children, and in an attempt to appear confident he straightened his patka, flattened his plaid white shirt and lifted his trouser leg again. This time he knew what colour socks he was wearing, it was more of an invitation to the others…

  • Prospective Students Day (Open to all incoming new students) - Professor Samuel Boot, Sat Jun 17 17:36
    There were several topics in which Samuel Boot had strong opinions. These were only the most important topics, such as the proper preparation of pancakes (the American style of thick pancakes had... more
    • Appearance Is Everything - Satveer Mittal, Mon Jun 19 11:52
      • Not sure I agree - Andrew Tennant, Mon Jun 19 17:56
        Drew would have been allowed to opt out of the first-year event if it weren’t for Kit. But Kit was soooo excited and Aaron said he would go to prospective students’ day so that Drew had a parent who... more
        • An unsuspecting match - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Tue Jun 20 06:41
          Anticipation quickly became releaf as Satveer scanned the room and realised the red headed girl hadn’t chosen him. Satveer was used to girls. His sister was a girl. Dilbaagh was not like that girl... more
          • Unsuspecting of what? - Drew, Tue Jun 20 14:57
            The other boy apparently got his own name wrong on the first try, so that was… something. Sam, though. Drew had been expecting a less American name. Well, zero points for making assumptions, he... more
            • Dunk but never double dip! - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Wed Jun 21 08:07
              Satveer thought Drew seemed nice. Nice. Most people seem nice. Unless they were obviously not, in which case they were not nice. Was Satveer seen as Nice? Was Drew’s first impression of him, that he... more
              • We can agree on that - Drew, Wed Jun 21 18:03
                Drew was surprised(ish) that Sam’s favorite place in the whole school so far was a classroom . Had he been paying attention when they toured the theater? Or the Quidditch Pitch? Or the Rec Center ?... more
                • A second first impression - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Thu Jun 22 09:04
                  Satveer ate his cookie as Drew talked about the Rec Centre. It was apparent that Drew was a little taken a back over Satveer’s declaration of love for the Practical Lab. As Drew tailed off and the... more
                  • Second time’s the charm - Drew, Thu Jun 22 13:12
                    Ohhhh Merlin I really should have opted out of this tour. Dang it, Kit. Drew had really, really thought the conversation was going fine. Sam was a little odd but they were making normal small talk... more
                    • Unless it’s not - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Thu Jun 22 15:56
                      Sam knew the hole he had dug for himself was as deep as it was wide. He was greatly relieved when Drew continued the conversation. Especially when he stated that Satveer would make friends within the ... more
                      • Then go for third - Drew, Fri Jun 23 06:52
                        ‘I have a last name’ was not really the kind of fun fact Drew had been going for, but Sam wasn’t crying so he decided to let it slide. Drew was not much of a tea-drinker but, he thought, he’d be... more
                        • Homerun - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Sat Jun 24 13:53
                          As Satveer listened to Drews detailing his relationship with the red headed, he couldn’t help but smile. ‘She’s my best friend’ . How lovely, he thought. Drew’s father must be a loving man to have... more
    • A shy start - Mikael Anselm Lundqvist, Mon Jun 19 07:11
      "Gå med dem! Över med dig, Anselm." It took some more encouragement, but the blonde boy finally (reluctantly) left his pappa's side to trail after the other kids. Anssi had been watching the other... more
      • A Shy Start is Better than No Start - Clayton Reinhart, Mon Jun 19 19:16
        Clayton could not believe this was happening. The moment he arrived at RMI he tried extremely hard to take in as much as he could in as little amount of time as possible. He kept turning back to his... more
        • Better, but maybe a bit slower. - Anssi, Wed Jun 21 18:45
          Anssi blinked down at the boy's feet. "Oh. Why are you wearing no socks?" More importantly: did this mean that he would have to go find another partner to talk to? The Professor didn't seem to be... more
          • Slow and steady wins the race - Clayton, Sat Jun 24 19:32
            Clayton was caught off guard by the boy’s question. He didn’t really have an answer as to why he wouldn’t be wearing socks, mostly because the more he thought about it he didn’t actually have a solid ... more
            • What are we racing against? - Anssi, Sun Jun 25 17:44
              His talking-partner had apparently never heard of the migration areas between Sweden and Finland. Anssi had known even as the words were coming out of his mouth that he was doing a bad job at... more
    • Excited doesn't begin to cover it - Katherine Kendrick, Sun Jun 18 11:24
      Katherine Merilda Kendrick was excited . They were on a tour of RMI led by the famous Professor Boot (and also Drew’s dad, Garen). She had heard so many stories about him (Professor Boot, not Garen,... more
      • I'd go with 'overwhelmed' over 'excited' - Dylan Xavier, Sun Jun 18 18:41
        This was all new to Dylan. He'd stuck close to his parents throughout the tour, trusting them to make sure he didn't walk into anything as he gaped and stared are everything around him. This was... more
        • Maybe we average out to normal then - Kit, Sun Jun 18 20:27
          It was Kit’s thought that she’d never be caught dead in the white socks she’d caught peeking out between Dylan’s pants and his shoes, but Mom had been reminding her not to blurt out the first thing... more
          • I hope I'm not that dull. - Dylan, Mon Jun 19 14:01
            Dylan munched on his partial cookie, taking small bites so that he'd be able to talk if she threw a question his way, but that didn't seem to be a necessary consideration and she launched into a... more
            • I dunno, those white socks... - Kit, Mon Jun 19 15:56
              “For sure I’m coming here!” Kit nodded enthusiastically. “Mom and Dad came to RMI too when they were my age, but they were both in Lyra. I want to be in Aquila like Marissa but I think it would be... more
              • That was my parents' idea. - Dylan, Mon Jun 19 18:21
                Dylan nodded, not too surprised by her certainty about coming here to RMI, especially when it sounded like it was a family given. There were plenty of things he did because he family did it - which... more
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