I hope I'm not that dull.
Mon Jun 19, 2017 14:01

Dylan munched on his partial cookie, taking small bites so that he'd be able to talk if she threw a question his way, but that didn't seem to be a necessary consideration and she launched into a great lot of talking.

Dylan's eyes widened as Kit declared she had him covered and started listing her references as A Very Knowledgeable Witch. She had at least one older sibling who was here and a track record for visiting the school previously because two of her grandfathers (who were, presumably, married to each other, which he found mildly surprising to have that so casually dropped in conversation, but it was no business of his and far less a shift to his worldview than the fact that, say, magic was real) worked here. Said visits were made with this Drew guy who the grandfathers adopted (he assumed Drew was adopted, unless magic could do stuff to help two guys have kids together, which was totally possible he guessed, but again, none of his business) which, he thought, more technically made him her uncle than her cousin, but she'd said 'like a cousin' so they were probably shifting terms around due to their similar ages (as it sounded like she was implying Drew was also a prospective student with them here today) and ignoring unimportant generational differences. Anyway, the exact composition of her family tree was mostly just a footnote anyway.

The main point was that there were secret passages that her sister knew about.

"Wow," he enthused, taking the opening to talk when she bit into her own cookie. "Secret passages? Seriously? That's awesome! I am definitely coming here if there are secret passageways. You're pretty sure you're coming here, then? My folks are still trying to decide between a few different American wizarding schools. My uncle works at one in Arizona, but they don't have tours like this, and it sounds like they're having trouble hiring enough staff lately. And I kind of want to go some place brand new for my family. Be an explorer, venturing forth into the unknown, you know?"

  • Maybe we average out to normal then - Kit, Sun Jun 18 20:27
    It was Kit’s thought that she’d never be caught dead in the white socks she’d caught peeking out between Dylan’s pants and his shoes, but Mom had been reminding her not to blurt out the first thing... more
    • I hope I'm not that dull. - Dylan, Mon Jun 19 14:01
      • I dunno, those white socks... - Kit, Mon Jun 19 15:56
        “For sure I’m coming here!” Kit nodded enthusiastically. “Mom and Dad came to RMI too when they were my age, but they were both in Lyra. I want to be in Aquila like Marissa but I think it would be... more
        • That was my parents' idea. - Dylan, Mon Jun 19 18:21
          Dylan nodded, not too surprised by her certainty about coming here to RMI, especially when it sounded like it was a family given. There were plenty of things he did because he family did it - which... more
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