I dunno, those white socks...
Mon Jun 19, 2017 15:56

“For sure I’m coming here!” Kit nodded enthusiastically. “Mom and Dad came to RMI too when they were my age, but they were both in Lyra. I want to be in Aquila like Marissa but I think it would be okay to be in Lyra too.” She paused, registering the thing Dylan had said about being an explorer. That didn’t sound like a lot of fun to Kit. She wanted to do things just the way Marissa or Mom and Dad had done, not go off and do something different. She couldn’t imagine going to a school different than RMI. She had heard stories about RMI her entire life, first from her parents and then from her sister. It would be scary to go someplace else, and Kit supposed that she’d feel a little left out too. Although if Dylan wasn’t used to magic maybe his mom and dad hadn’t told him all about when they were in school, which sounded weird. And why didn’t his parents use magic, anyway? Were they Muggle enthusiasts or something?

“You should come here too,” was the response she could come up with for the exploring thing, because on the one hand it seemed awful to her but on the other hand if Dylan didn’t explore, he wasn’t going to come to RMI and he seemed to be pretty okay even if his socks were boring. “Maybe you could even come when Marissa shows us around,” Kit offered. She didn’t see why not. “The secret passageways are awesome, there’s even a poltergeist! He doesn’t always live in the passageways, sometimes he comes out to do things too. I’ve met him once.” Kit nodded again.

She paused. She was out of cookie. How was she out of cookie? Kit couldn’t remember finishing her cookie but also when her green eyes swept the floor around her, there was no sign of a part of a cookie either. She must have eaten it, or maybe Dylan had stolen it while she was explaining about RMI to him? The girl eyed the other prospective student, then decided he probably hadn’t done it. Dylan didn’t look like a cookie thief, and a cookie thief probably had a better name, like Romero or Charles.

“Let’s get more cookies!” Kit exclaimed instead, reaching out an arm to grab Dylan’s wrist and tugging at him.

  • I hope I'm not that dull. - Dylan, Mon Jun 19 14:01
    Dylan munched on his partial cookie, taking small bites so that he'd be able to talk if she threw a question his way, but that didn't seem to be a necessary consideration and she launched into a... more
    • I dunno, those white socks... - Kit, Mon Jun 19 15:56
      • That was my parents' idea. - Dylan, Mon Jun 19 18:21
        Dylan nodded, not too surprised by her certainty about coming here to RMI, especially when it sounded like it was a family given. There were plenty of things he did because he family did it - which... more
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