That was my parents' idea.
Mon Jun 19, 2017 18:21

Dylan nodded, not too surprised by her certainty about coming here to RMI, especially when it sounded like it was a family given. There were plenty of things he did because he family did it - which Church he attended, the elementary school he'd gone to (and been called by his brothers' names more often than his own it seemed like). But Grandmother had lived in England when she went to magic school so she'd gone someplace in Scotland or something, and she'd insisted her son go to her alma mater in turn, but she wasn't making the same demands on her grandson and Mom and Dad didn't really want him half a planet away, so here he was, touring one of the American schools, blazing new territory as an Xavier.

"That sounds good," Dylan agreed on the offer to take the Secret Passageway Tour with Big Sister Marissa. He wasn't super keen on following around an older sibling when he was finally able to ditch his own, but secret passages made up for the trade-off, and Marissa wasn't his sister, so that made it mostly okay.

"Oh, cool," he said upon learning there was poltergeist here. He wasn't sure what exactly a poltergeist was (at least as they existed in the real magic world rather than Ghostbusters), but the way she said it made it sound like a good thing.

He was mildly shocked when she grabbed his wrist, but he allowed himself to be dragged toward the food table, as he did want to get another cookie as well, and maybe a drink.

  • I dunno, those white socks... - Kit, Mon Jun 19 15:56
    “For sure I’m coming here!” Kit nodded enthusiastically. “Mom and Dad came to RMI too when they were my age, but they were both in Lyra. I want to be in Aquila like Marissa but I think it would be... more
    • That was my parents' idea. - Dylan, Mon Jun 19 18:21
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