Clayton Reinhart
A Shy Start is Better than No Start
Mon Jun 19, 2017 19:16

Clayton could not believe this was happening. The moment he arrived at RMI he tried extremely hard to take in as much as he could in as little amount of time as possible. He kept turning back to his parents throughout the tour, making sure they were catching everything he was. He hadn’t been able to catch either of the Professor's names, due to his infatuation with his surroundings, but he noticed that the Professor who mostly led the tour seemed super excited to be showing off this wonderful school, while the other Professor didn’t seem as excited. Clayton wasn’t sure how anybody could seem so uninterested in such an amazing place, but he didn’t let those thoughts bother him for too long.

The younger Reinhart was so extremely excited that he was finally getting to experience the magic world outside of his hometown. This was his first time leaving the state of Montana and while it wasn’t that far away, and the scenery was still pretty much the same, he was still awestruck at seeing the Colorado landscapes. Plus, the school was far more amazing than anything he ever could have imagined. He wondered if this was what his older brother Waylon has gotten to experience for the last five years. Waylon has told him a lot of stories, but none of them compared to what he’d witnessed so far.

By the time the tour was over he couldn’t wait to start school. He was ready to get to explore on his own, and to take in the small details he’d missed the first time around. However, when his parents were led away by the nicer-looking of the two Professors who’d led the tour, he found himself getting extremely nervous.

There were a lot of other prospective students and he was extremely shy around other people. He cautiously approached the table of food, trying to avoid the other students as best as he could, making sure he wouldn’t accidentally bump into someone. He was gathering some cookies and fruit when he heard the meaner-looking Professor mention something about finding someone with socks that shared the same color as what he was wearing, in what he assumed was an attempt for him and the other students to make friends.

Clayton mumbled to himself as he looked down at his feet that were in a pair of soft tennis shoes, overcome with a sense of anxiety that he would never make any friends. “Today was a bad day to decide not to wear socks.” But as soon as his words left his mouth he heard a voice speak up behind him, in an accent he’d never heard before.

“Wear you socks that have blue or green? My toes have green.”

The brown haired boy turned to face the voice behind him. “Um, neither? I’m wearing no socks,” Clayton said as he pulled up his pants to reveal his sockless ankles. He shrugged at the other boy and hoped he wouldn’t lose his only chance to talk to another human today. But, instead of shyly walking away like he wanted to, he offered what he thought would be enough to keep whatever conversation he’d started going, “I’m Clayton. Where are you from? You have a cool accent.”

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    • A Shy Start is Better than No Start - Clayton Reinhart, Mon Jun 19 19:16
      • Better, but maybe a bit slower. - Anssi, Wed Jun 21 18:45
        Anssi blinked down at the boy's feet. "Oh. Why are you wearing no socks?" More importantly: did this mean that he would have to go find another partner to talk to? The Professor didn't seem to be... more
        • Slow and steady wins the race - Clayton, Sat Jun 24 19:32
          Clayton was caught off guard by the boy’s question. He didn’t really have an answer as to why he wouldn’t be wearing socks, mostly because the more he thought about it he didn’t actually have a solid ... more
          • What are we racing against? - Anssi, Sun Jun 25 17:44
            His talking-partner had apparently never heard of the migration areas between Sweden and Finland. Anssi had known even as the words were coming out of his mouth that he was doing a bad job at... more
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