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Tue Jun 20, 2017 06:34

Rose snickered at Danny’s response to her inquiry. She didn’t bother to hide it - by this point, Danny knew that she could find him infinitely entertaining on the right day, and the severity of his reaction certainly merited it. She did manage to pout through her snickers when he vetoed ‘Danny-dearest’ as a pet name. In Rose’s personal opinion, that was a perfectly fine pet name, but Danny’s vehemence against it meant, of course, that she had to one-up herself. Rose pondered, finally deciding to work the phrase ‘Danny-doodle’ into the next available conversational opportunity.

“Just wait one second,” the blonde girl said, holding up a finger at her friend. “What do you mean I fell for you?” She ignored the comment about breeding and affection. Even if Rose had cared (which she didn’t), the Farnons were technically a well-bred pureblood family, if not well-known. Affection - well, her way of showing affection tended to involve more pranks than not, as well as the occasional threat of physical harm, which she rarely carried out. In this particular instance, she felt the urge to transfigure Danny’s plate into a wooden bucket filled with water and promptly dunk his head in it. She resisted the urge - barely.

“I like the version where you fell for my dashing good looks,” Rose continued. “And then when the issue of your marriage came up I nobly consented despite my slew of otherwise qualified suitors.” she paused. “And then afterwards, I realized that you truly are my darling Danny-doodle and that we do belong together after all.” If Danny started laughing at that point she probably wouldn’t blame him. ‘Slew of suitors’ was a good joke; Rose had only ever had one boyfriend, who had promptly moved away. It paled in comparison to Marissa’s rotating door of make-out buddies, but Rose’s complete lack of interest in anyone available did not bode well for that changing. There was still the spark of hope that Holland and Ruben would break up, but that was dimming by the day. It was likely that Rose’s fake date with Danny would be the closest she got to an actual date in a full year which, to be fair, did not depress her as much as she thought it probably ought.

  • A match made in fiction - Danny, Tue Jun 20 05:40
    He tried not to grin when Rose made her answer which was - in a weird and roundabout way - her agreeing to play engagement at the end of the summer. He thought he did a pretty good job of keeping a... more
    • Fiction, true fiction - Rose, Tue Jun 20 06:34
      • Fictional as a unicorn... - Danny, Tue Jun 20 11:56
        Danny was not the least surprised that Rose rejected his premise. He pushed his breakfast plate to the side and clasped his hands on the table while he listened to her revised version of events. He... more
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