Satveer (Sam) Mittal
An unsuspecting match
Tue Jun 20, 2017 06:41

Anticipation quickly became releaf as Satveer scanned the room and realised the red headed girl hadn’t chosen him. Satveer was used to girls. His sister was a girl. Dilbaagh was not like that girl though. She was a product of her father’s upbringing: quiet and shy. The red headed girl was excitable and bouncy. Satveer historically avoided people like that as they caused too much attention.

He was all to aware of how much attention he could attract just by standing there. When he met new people, he often felt he stuck out like a sore thumb. This time however, he didn’t feel different. IT felt different. His fight or flight response wasn’t kicking in. In fact, he was almost calm. Admittedly, a little self conscious that he was stood there with one trouser leg in the air.

As he finished scanning the room and his gaze settled on the boy approaching him. Satveer had met many boys and girls over the years, but none that he could call friends. His family were never in the same place long enough. He kept in contact with a couple of people, pen pals as it were, but they inevitably lost touch as the family moved from place to place. This time it going to be different. Satveer’s father had promised the family that this would be their forever home. Of course it was. It was all because of Satveer was accomplishing something his siblings couldn’t. He was going to be a wizard.

Satveer studied the approaching boy, and wondered just what in his appearance, other than his socks, had caused this boy to choose him.
The boy got closer, and Satveer fixated slightly on the boys t-shirt. No, he mentally affirmed, he didn’t own any printed t-shirts. He definitely didn’t own any, what he could only assume were, band t-shirts. His were all embroidered or plain. Infact, Satveer noted, with the exception of his black socks and trainers, Satveer didn’t own any clothes that resembled those of the boys. This boy was a very casual sort of boy. Not someone whom Satveer would have normally been encouraged to break the ice with, but this was a fresh start.

As the boy introduced himself as Drew, Satveer let go of his trouser leg and extended his arm as if to shake the Drew’s hand “Hello, I’m Sat...” he stuttered, realising his father wasn’t watching.

Satveer was a family name. It was both a relic of his father’s family traditions that meant “Bravely upholding the truth” and a point of great frustration for Satveer. People often got it wrong or mispronounced it. To help, each children in Satveer’s family had chosen western names or nicknames. Balbir was Bal, Dilbaagh was Dil and Satveer was Sam. It made things easier when meeting new people, but on occasion lead to confusion on they had other children round to play.

“I’m Sam” Satveer continued. He looked up at the table and his stomach made a noise that he was almost certain Drew heard. “I could eat” He said gesturing towards the food. As they set off, a smile happened upon Satveer’s face and he joked “It’s luckily I wore socks today”.

  • Not sure I agree - Andrew Tennant, Mon Jun 19 17:56
    Drew would have been allowed to opt out of the first-year event if it weren’t for Kit. But Kit was soooo excited and Aaron said he would go to prospective students’ day so that Drew had a parent who... more
    • An unsuspecting match - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Tue Jun 20 06:41
      • Unsuspecting of what? - Drew, Tue Jun 20 14:57
        The other boy apparently got his own name wrong on the first try, so that was… something. Sam, though. Drew had been expecting a less American name. Well, zero points for making assumptions, he... more
        • Dunk but never double dip! - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Wed Jun 21 08:07
          Satveer thought Drew seemed nice. Nice. Most people seem nice. Unless they were obviously not, in which case they were not nice. Was Satveer seen as Nice? Was Drew’s first impression of him, that he... more
          • We can agree on that - Drew, Wed Jun 21 18:03
            Drew was surprised(ish) that Sam’s favorite place in the whole school so far was a classroom . Had he been paying attention when they toured the theater? Or the Quidditch Pitch? Or the Rec Center ?... more
            • A second first impression - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Thu Jun 22 09:04
              Satveer ate his cookie as Drew talked about the Rec Centre. It was apparent that Drew was a little taken a back over Satveer’s declaration of love for the Practical Lab. As Drew tailed off and the... more
              • Second time’s the charm - Drew, Thu Jun 22 13:12
                Ohhhh Merlin I really should have opted out of this tour. Dang it, Kit. Drew had really, really thought the conversation was going fine. Sam was a little odd but they were making normal small talk... more
                • Unless it’s not - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Thu Jun 22 15:56
                  Sam knew the hole he had dug for himself was as deep as it was wide. He was greatly relieved when Drew continued the conversation. Especially when he stated that Satveer would make friends within the ... more
                  • Then go for third - Drew, Fri Jun 23 06:52
                    ‘I have a last name’ was not really the kind of fun fact Drew had been going for, but Sam wasn’t crying so he decided to let it slide. Drew was not much of a tea-drinker but, he thought, he’d be... more
                    • Homerun - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Sat Jun 24 13:53
                      As Satveer listened to Drews detailing his relationship with the red headed, he couldn’t help but smile. ‘She’s my best friend’ . How lovely, he thought. Drew’s father must be a loving man to have... more
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