Fictional as a unicorn...
Tue Jun 20, 2017 11:56

Danny was not the least surprised that Rose rejected his premise. He pushed his breakfast plate to the side and clasped his hands on the table while he listened to her revised version of events. He snorted a little at her slew of suitors - he didn't know the technical definition for a slew but it was the mental image he had of Rose amidst a throng of potential beaus (suffice to say she was not swooning) that instigated his mirth. His smile dropped into an expression that, if it could speak, would say, ‘Are you kidding me?’ in response to her most recent pet name.

“Okay I can work with that version of events,” he conceded - it would be churlish to argue over a false history, especially one that had Rose choosing him over a slew of competitors. Looking unblinkingly at her across the table, Danny asked, “Rose Farnon, will you be my pretend fiancée, to save me from the onslaught of pushy parents with eligible daughters, from now until I figure out what the crap I want to do with my life?” His proposal did include a longer duration than he had initially suggested, but he hadn't originally thought past the summer; what if he needed a human shield next summer, too?

“However,” he added, before she had chance to think she would get away with it, “your terms of endearment remain objectionable. Please don't make me start calling you Rosey-Posey.” Or some other, preferably more obnoxious, nickname he had yet to invent.

They could - and would - iron out those kinks later. For the time being, a plan was in place. The letter he had dropped into his lap remained there, but now, at least, Danny could quill a reply that requested of (informed) his parents Rose’s impending presence at their home and to the aforementioned celebration.

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    Rose snickered at Danny’s response to her inquiry. She didn’t bother to hide it - by this point, Danny knew that she could find him infinitely entertaining on the right day, and the severity of his... more
    • Fictional as a unicorn... - Danny, Tue Jun 20 11:56
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