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Tue Jun 20, 2017 12:58

Addi was glad to see familiar but changed faces arriving; the class was small, so any absences would be noticeable, but looking around, she felt pretty successful in her and Megan’s event. It was nice seeing her former classmates. Even if they hadn’t all been exactly close or, y’know, friendly (CoughTrevorCough), most of them had spent seven years together behind these underground walls. Their teenage years and many milestones had gone by in one another’s company. It was a pleasant reminder of times that weren’t always pleasant, but were important.

Feeling fairly confident that the reunion could now run its course, Addi found herself a seat beside Yevetya Alkaeva, who was immediately spoke: “I’m glad to see I am not the only one who has not married well.” A little self-consciously, Adisynne glanced down at her ringless hand. At this point, she wasn’t really sure if she was ever going to get married, although she was happy in her committed relationship with Reece. It was just that the formality wasn’t really needed, and, well… Addi had to admit, her mother’s trainwreck marriage streak had soured her a bit on the subject, although Andy was doing just fine at it, once again proving to be the superior Leppit and better adult than their parents.

“Thanks,” the former Lyra smiled at the compliment. “You look amazing, too.” And she meant it. Whether Yevetya was intentionally dressing to impress, or maybe she was just particularly fancy in her daily attire, she was hot. (Addi wasn’t attracted to women, but she spent far too much time with Lia to not appreciate good aesthetics regardless of gender.) Being a competitive person who evidently thought that hotness was a limited quality in this world, that made Addi feel a little less hot. She had worn the nicest outfit she owned that her son had yet to destroy with his constant stickiness - a phenomenon she simply could not explain, given his ongoing ban on all syrup - and still paled in comparison. But given that Yevetya hadn’t married, she most likely didn’t have kids. She definitely had not brought The Human Stain into the world, a responsibility that fell solely on Addi’s shoulders. Well, technically, on Addi and Daniel O’Hara’s shoulders. So that was probably the difference.

“So, what have you been up to over the years?” she asked with genuine curiosity. Yevetya was one of those Purebloods, so the fact that she hadn’t married well, as she herself pointed out, suggested some kind of adventure or excitement, and Addi wanted in, if only vicariously.

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