Satveer (Sam) Mittal
A second first impression
Thu Jun 22, 2017 09:04

Satveer ate his cookie as Drew talked about the Rec Centre. It was apparent that Drew was a little taken a back over Satveer’s declaration of love for the Practical Lab. As Drew tailed off and the conversation fell back to Satveer, he swallowed his cookie to enable a crumb free reply.

He wasn’t sure how it started. Maybe the lingering taste from the cookie triggered a forgotten memory. Perhaps it was Drew’s reaction to Satveer’s room choice or even Drew’s affirmation that he would definitely be attending the school. Whatever it was, Satveer was soon to realise that much like calling a teacher Dad, the following moments could haunt him in years to come.

“it…” Satveer started, leaned over, rubbing his head in an attempt to mask his facial expression that was teetering between manic smiling and full-blown tears. “When I was younger, my family moved a lot and I never stayed in one place. This could be the first time I’ve been on one place for any length of time.” Oh no, what was happening. This is not how you make friends. Satveer, STOP! “The Practical Lab is so big.” His voice croaked. “Its charm casts so much light. So much air. The houses I grew up in were always so dark and small. My Babba and Bebbe’s…” Satveer paused realising Drew may not understand him. “My Grandparent’s house in India was big, but it was always so dark. Everything was always so dark.” Satveer took a breath. It was painfully obvious he was going through some form of personal crisis. He was sure that the former assumption that Drew thought he was nice had been substantially replaced by crazy. “My father wants me to become a businessman, just like him.” He continued. “He tells me I must do well in school. This school!”. Satveer stared at the floor ensuring he could not see Drew’s reaction to his preadolescent meltdown. “My brother and sister cannot do magic, and father sees me as a way to get back. I’m sick of it. I’m sick of not having any friends” Satveer’s sighed. “You and the red headed girl having so much fun on the tour, it made me… I’ve never had a friend like that”.

Certain that by now that Drew would have left the table and was telling everyone to avoid the crazy kid in the corner with the headpiece and dress shoes Satveer raised his head. To his surprise, Drew was still sitting there. Realising he had just made a fool of himself, Satveer attempted damage control.

On the tour, while the other children were being children, Satveer walked by his father’s side and listened intently to the professors. Deviation from this position received a harsh glance from father. The only positive emotion Satveer received from his father throughout the tour was that of an encouraging shoulder grip, when Professor Tennant was talking over the characteristics of Lyra house. Satveer’s overbearing tour experience was that of a wistful walk through a school that could buy his father’s place back in the family business. Satveer did however genuinely love the school. Its main attraction being that of potential friendships. Satveer just wanted friends. At this point, any school would do if it meant he would be attending it long enough for a friendship to establish itself.

“I’m sorry.” Satveer said smiling nervously. “Can I start over?” he asked rhetorically, as he sat up and regained his composure. “My name is Satveer but I prefer to be called Sam. I am wearing black socks and fell a little over dressed. I like cookies, pizza and the Goran The Great comics. I don’t think I know which house would suit me. I maybe see myself a mixture of Draco and Cetus but I don’t believe that’s not for me to decide.” Satveer looked at Drew, his nervous smile still present. “One interesting fact about me is that I am apparently prone to emotional ramblings when meeting new people.”

  • We can agree on that - Drew, Wed Jun 21 18:03
    Drew was surprised(ish) that Sam’s favorite place in the whole school so far was a classroom . Had he been paying attention when they toured the theater? Or the Quidditch Pitch? Or the Rec Center ?... more
    • A second first impression - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Thu Jun 22 09:04
      • Second time’s the charm - Drew, Thu Jun 22 13:12
        Ohhhh Merlin I really should have opted out of this tour. Dang it, Kit. Drew had really, really thought the conversation was going fine. Sam was a little odd but they were making normal small talk... more
        • Unless it’s not - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Thu Jun 22 15:56
          Sam knew the hole he had dug for himself was as deep as it was wide. He was greatly relieved when Drew continued the conversation. Especially when he stated that Satveer would make friends within the ... more
          • Then go for third - Drew, Fri Jun 23 06:52
            ‘I have a last name’ was not really the kind of fun fact Drew had been going for, but Sam wasn’t crying so he decided to let it slide. Drew was not much of a tea-drinker but, he thought, he’d be... more
            • Homerun - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Sat Jun 24 13:53
              As Satveer listened to Drews detailing his relationship with the red headed, he couldn’t help but smile. ‘She’s my best friend’ . How lovely, he thought. Drew’s father must be a loving man to have... more
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