Second time’s the charm
Thu Jun 22, 2017 13:12

Ohhhh Merlin I really should have opted out of this tour. Dang it, Kit.

Drew had really, really thought the conversation was going fine. Sam was a little odd but they were making normal small talk and there was food so that was good. But now Sam was completely freaking out and Drew couldn’t figure out how that had happened. He was the counselor’s son but he was not a counselor and he did not know how to reroute this conversation away from Oversharing City.

Most bafflingly, Drew couldn’t relate to any of the things Sam was freaking out about. They’d moved from New York City to RMI when he was, like, four, before Madeleine was born and before Dad and Aaron had started dating, and that was all the moving Drew had done. And how was Sam already worried about what he was going to be when he grew up? A, Sam probably hadn’t taken any magic classes yet, so how could he know what he wanted to do, and B, Drew just couldn’t imagine worrying about something that was that far in the future. The farthest-away thing he was worried about was that they had a math test next week, but he wasn’t even that worried about it. Not that he was good enough at math to be confident about the test, but he figured it would work out. And as for family pressure… yeah, no, Drew wasn’t familiar with that either. Dad was all you-can-be-anything-you-want, and given the variety of his “aunts’” jobs, Drew was taking that pretty literally.

Sam looked like he was going to laugh, or maybe cry. Drew decided to say Okay how about let’s take a deep breath because that sounded like something Dad might say when Madeleine was having a temper tantrum. She didn’t really do that anymore—now she just did accidental magic when she was really really upset—but when she was littler she used to scream and throw herself on the ground and there wasn’t much Drew could do about it.

He was going to say that but before he had a chance Sam seemed to get ahold of himself and become more normal. And then he asked if he could start over, as though the last whole minute of crazy hadn’t happened, and then introduced himself again.

Sam Satveer Sam looked nervous and Drew felt kind of bad for him, so he said “If you come here you’re gonna make friends,” although maybe not with me because this is going really weird. “Just maybe don’t lead with… all… that. Do you have any interesting facts that are… more fun? Like, my fun fact is that I’m adopted and my birth mother works with dragons in South Africa.”

  • A second first impression - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Thu Jun 22 09:04
    Satveer ate his cookie as Drew talked about the Rec Centre. It was apparent that Drew was a little taken a back over Satveer’s declaration of love for the Practical Lab. As Drew tailed off and the... more
    • Second time’s the charm - Drew, Thu Jun 22 13:12
      • Unless it’s not - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Thu Jun 22 15:56
        Sam knew the hole he had dug for himself was as deep as it was wide. He was greatly relieved when Drew continued the conversation. Especially when he stated that Satveer would make friends within the ... more
        • Then go for third - Drew, Fri Jun 23 06:52
          ‘I have a last name’ was not really the kind of fun fact Drew had been going for, but Sam wasn’t crying so he decided to let it slide. Drew was not much of a tea-drinker but, he thought, he’d be... more
          • Homerun - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Sat Jun 24 13:53
            As Satveer listened to Drews detailing his relationship with the red headed, he couldn’t help but smile. ‘She’s my best friend’ . How lovely, he thought. Drew’s father must be a loving man to have... more
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