Slow and steady wins the race
Sat Jun 24, 2017 19:32

Clayton was caught off guard by the boy’s question. He didn’t really have an answer as to why he wouldn’t be wearing socks, mostly because the more he thought about it he didn’t actually have a solid reason for being barefoot under his sneakers. It was normal for him to have no socks on, mostly because he was used to running around barefoot in his backyard or on the trails near his house. The brown-eyed boy shrugged as a response and hoped his new acquaintance wouldn’t be scared off or try to find another person to talk to whose socks matched his own.

But when the boy kept talking, Clayton felt a sense of relief wash over him that he wasn’t going to leave him there looking like a lost puppy. The eleven year old’s face clouded with confusion when the boy in front of him described where he came from and said a word he’d never heard before. "I am finlandssvenska. I am from Sweden, but...but a place of Sweden that... is also Finland."

“Woah, that’s pretty cool. I didn’t know such a place existed,” Clayton offered. “Besides, I don’t even think I could spell that if I tried,” he chuckled a bit, sensing that the other boy was struggling to properly answer his question and hoped to lighten the mood. He felt bad for asking a question that he didn’t realize could be difficult to answer. But after a few quiet moments he shifted uncomfortably, not sure what topic of conversation to bring up next, and looked down at the plate of food he’d gathered in his hands and bit his lip. He pushed some of the grapes around with one finger, worried that this conversation was doomed to end due to his own shyness and inability to step out of his shell for once.

But, he didn’t have to worry for long when the other boy asked him if he was hungry. “Oh, I already,” he started, pointing down to his food, “have some. But, you can have my cookie! I’m not really that hungry.” Clayton stuck his plate of food out to the other boy and gave him a shy smile, hoping this wasn’t too weird. While he waited for the other boy to respond, he realized he hadn’t actually caught his name. “Also, I don’t think I caught your name. I’m Clayton,” he said, reintroducing himself. “Clayton Reinhart. I’m from Montana. Please have my cookie.” His smile grew as he stuck the plate out even farther, hoping his attempt at friendship wouldn’t come across as weird to the first person he’d met.

  • Better, but maybe a bit slower. - Anssi, Wed Jun 21 18:45
    Anssi blinked down at the boy's feet. "Oh. Why are you wearing no socks?" More importantly: did this mean that he would have to go find another partner to talk to? The Professor didn't seem to be... more
    • Slow and steady wins the race - Clayton, Sat Jun 24 19:32
      • What are we racing against? - Anssi, Sun Jun 25 17:44
        His talking-partner had apparently never heard of the migration areas between Sweden and Finland. Anssi had known even as the words were coming out of his mouth that he was doing a bad job at... more
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