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Aquila House Fire (nm)
Wed Jun 28, 2017 05:20

  • T26 Opening Feast! - DH Sonia Nanda, Wed Jun 28 05:18
    By gosh, if Sonia was going to give the Opening Feast speech she was going to make it one of the peppiest ones in recent memory. The Deputy Headmistress glanced at her watch – she ought to start in... more
    • Aquila House Fire (nm) - Busy, Busy House Elves, Wed Jun 28 05:20
      • Confetti is a Party Boy's Best Friend - Corriander Terrance, Wed Jul 5 18:28
        Corriander’s first few steps into the Finer Diner did not disappoint. Not only was there enough food to feed a village, but there was confetti raining down on his head. According to Corri, Confetti... more
      • There's too much awesomeness to watch! - Marissa Kendrick, Mon Jul 3 22:47
        Marissa Kendrick scanned the Finer Diner with sparkling green eyes. The sixth year was so excited to be back. She loved her summers, and she always kept busy, but this was going to be her year. Fifth ... more
        • I'm just here for the salad - Armaan Bansal, Fri Jul 28 23:35
          It had been a terrible summer. Armaan sauntered over to the Aquila fire, glad to get away from Rhiya and Sonia’s excited chattering about the confetti bombs they had planned. He flopped onto the... more
      • Beast of the feast! - Raja Nazari-Richards [2nd year], Mon Jul 3 00:46
        Raja had to admit, there was a sense of relief that accompanied returning to RMI as opposed to showing up for the first time. It was nice to immediately belong somewhere and not have to wait to find... more
      • Disposing of some glitter [tag: Rose] - Ruben Lundqvist, Fri Jun 30 20:49
        Ruben’s first (half) year at RMI had gone about as well as he’d expected. He had scored a beautiful partner and done a lot of things involving mouths, and then they had broken up - well, technically... more
        • Imagine my excitement - Rose Farnon, Sun Jul 2 07:22
          As usual, Rose had spent the summer avoiding her family as much as possible, except for the occasional fight with her father over Dade. Rose had expected more confrontation with her father, given... more
          • You're welcome - Ruben, Mon Jul 3 17:31
            Still snickering at her loud reaction to the glitter (yep, that was the kind of entertainment he had been looking for), Ruben stretched out one of his legs. An orange cat, which he recognized from... more
    • Cetus House Fire (nm) - Busy, Busy House Elves, Wed Jun 28 05:20
      • First time at this bonfire! - Andrew Tennant, Tue Jul 4 22:16
        Even though he was a first year, Andrew Tennant had been to more RMI opening feasts than any of the other students in the room. This was his ninth opening feast but the first one for which he was... more
      • Welp. I'm here now. - Maverick Buchannan [6th year], Sat Jul 1 13:27
        Maverick had been very deliberate in picking out his outfit. Truthfully, he was feeling a bit femme today, but he was afraid of dressing like a girl on the first day and therefore having nobody... more
        • So am I, for better or worse. - Russell Drew [5th year], Sat Jul 1 15:47
          It hadn’t been intentional, but when Russell began moving towards the mid-grey-Cetus fire, he realized that he had colour-coordinated his tank top with it. Er, at least, greyscale-coordinated. More... more
          • Worse. It's worse. - Maverick, Mon Jul 3 23:27
            “Oh, no, I’m sorry!” Well, that relative peace was short lived. Potentially even a new record time for someone bothering him. And this one was so much fun, because not only was there now somebody... more
            • I can't fix this. Sorry. - Russell, Tue Jul 4 23:49
              Russell was fully prepared to get cursed out, or at least shunned indefinitely. Or possibly punched. The dark, solid greys of his clothes, plus the promise of revolution, didn’t exactly inspire... more
      • My last year at RMI - Camilla Baird, Fri Jun 30 23:09
        Summer had been a whirlwind of emotions and fun little adventures, and the blonde wished it could go on forever. She didn't want to be back at RMI and as hard as she had tried to convince her mother... more
        • Well let's make it interesting then - Dade Farnon, Mon Jul 3 06:46
          Dade spun into the Finer Diner at RMI and felt mildly sick to his stomach. He didn’t lean over to vomit, but he kind of felt like it. Instead, he scowled, pulled his trunk over to the side of his... more
      • Third time's the charm - Claudia Dubois, Wed Jun 28 15:36
        Summer hadn’t been as relaxing as Claudia would have liked. Still, she was resolutely determined not to let any of that anxiety-inducing nest of horntails follow her into the new term. She was in... more
        • Shall we repeat this tradition? - Connor Farnon, Fri Jun 30 06:01
          Connor’s summer had been relatively bland - as usual, and exactly the way he liked it. Rose had taken every opportunity to be somewhere other than their family’s secluded estate, as had their... more
          • That's the definition of tradition - Claudia, Sat Jul 1 15:33
            It was always pleasant to spend time with Connor, Claudia mused, although he wasn’t behaving strictly as she expected. He said she looked well, which was normal enough, but he had hesitated and his... more
    • Draco House Fire (nm) - Busy, Busy House Elves, Wed Jun 28 05:19
      • Starting off on some sort of foot - Clayton Reinhart, Sun Jul 2 11:02
        Clayton couldn’t believe that this was actually happening. The young boy had to take several deep breaths to calm his nerves as he stood outside in this massive hallway just outside the room he... more
        • Let's skip the feet and shake hands. - Dhruv Bansal, (3rd year), Mon Jul 3 23:36
          A lot of things were unknown in life but it appeared that one of the known and accepted truths was that teenagers were jerks. And as Dhruv would be turning thirteen this year, it was only a matter of ... more
      • Looking for Apples - Mikael Anselm Lundqvist, Sat Jul 1 00:54
        When Anssi followed the rest of the first-years (and that one teenager) into the Fine Dining Room, he expected there to be a few rows of chairs and tables and maybe some polite applause from the... more
        • I have apples! - Remington Burnham, Sat Jul 1 12:43
          Remington Burnham was now twelve years old, and she couldn’t wait to get back to school. She’d done so many things over the summer. Her parents had worried that she’d be a little burnt out by the... more
          • Oh, phew! My saviour! - Anssi, Mon Jul 3 13:45
            “A… song?” he echoed. The darker-skinned girl was acting like she knew exactly what story he was talking about, but Anssi was already pretty sure that they were thinking of different things. Not that ... more
            • What kind of apples are you looking for? - Remington, Tue Jul 4 22:40
              Oh. The other student had no idea what she was talking about. She tried to think about her own adventures in Muggle school. It was pretty inconsistent, really, but that was because she kept going... more
              • I don't know. That may be the problem. - Anssi, Sat Jul 22 00:02
                It was really nice that she had offered to sing it for him. Well, maybe offered was the wrong word, since she had just started singing. But he hadn’t asked her to, so maybe it was the right word?... more
                • We can figure it out! - Remington , Tue Jul 25 21:12
                  Anssi didn’t seem reassured, and Remington was pretty sure it was because he wasn’t listening to her. There was clearly a language barrier, but she thought she’d said the most reassuring thing ever.... more
      • Way to give a Draco a heart attack, Boot - Dylan Xavier, Wed Jun 28 12:54
        Dylan let out a small sound of surprise as confetti fell on his head as he stepped into the Finer Diner for the second time in his life. As he brushed the golden specks out of his sandy blond hair,... more
        • Better Study Up, Or You'll Get The Boot! - Teal Rosse (3rd Year), Wed Jun 28 17:28
          “Mooooooomm!! Daaaaaaaad!!! She stole my socks!!” Teal Rosse rolled her eyes at her younger sister, Violet. “Did not!” She stuck out her tongue, too, just to annoy Vi even more. The eight-year-old... more
          • Is that how he got his name? - Dylan, Thu Jun 29 14:03
            Dylan stared at her, horrified. She was an older student so she must know. And it was on everything. Oh God, he should have gone to Sonora after all. Uncle Nathan said they didn't even teach history... more
            • Actually, he invented the shoe - Teal, Mon Jul 3 14:06
              Teal resisted the urge to groan as the kid showed her his dreamcatcher. He hadn’t fallen for it! If he’d believed he was in the wrong house, she coulda conned him into doing something really silly.... more
              • "Oh, sorry," Dylan apologized when the older girl pointed out he hadn't introduced himself before demanding a history of the world. "Dylan." Then he worried that giving her just his first name was... more
    • Lyra House Fire (nm) - Busy, Busy House Elves, Wed Jun 28 05:19
      • New year, new me? - Leopold Harris, Tue Jul 4 06:47
        After a lacklustre term Leopold had been glad for the summer but home failed to provide the solace he had been seeking. He had spent the first week off school suffering constant bombardment. It was... more
      • Bringing the energy to the party - Katherine Kendrick, Tue Jul 4 06:21
        Kit was so excited she couldn’t even think straight ! She’d spent most of the day putting things in her trunk and pulling them out again and putting more things in her trunk and then pulling those... more
        • Have you enough energy for both of us? - Magdalena Adler, Wed Jul 5 16:19
          Breathe. In. Out. In. Out. Magdalena was panicking. Standing in the finer diner she found herself rooted to the spot, legs stiff and arms flopping uselessly by her side. She wasn’t ready! She hadn’t... more
      • Avoiding Temptation - Dardanius Dubois, Sun Jul 2 13:12
        It was an unusual turn of events for Rose to be annoying Danny - the reverse had been true for five years, he was sure - but he had to concede that her creativity with cute and infuriating nicknames... more
        • Happily here to pose as a distraction - Kaye Packman, Sun Jul 2 18:36
          It was very rare for Kaye Packman to be self-conscious about how she looked. The fifth year always looked amazing, and she knew it. Her fashion sense was still as badass as ever. She even had the... more
          • That's really not necessary - Dardanius, Mon Jul 3 06:11
            He paused in reaching for a bowl of paella because a voice had answered his hypothetical query, and that voice didn't belong to a student in Lyra. It was also coming from somewhere above him. Sure... more
            • Kaye looked off to the side where Danny’s outstretched arm reached. She finished off her raspberry tartlet and pondered, briefly, before snatching a bowl of whatever the dish was as the elf walked... more
              • Challenge accepted - Danny, Wed Jul 5 17:33
                Did it surprise Danny that Kaye was eating the food he had just missed out on? Of course not. The younger girl didn't seem to be particularly gifted at making friends since her arrival at RMI; even... more
                • How's the challenge going so far? - Kaye, Wed Jul 12 15:12
                  “Like you know me at all.” Kaye rolled her blue eyes and considered putting the eggroll back on Danny’s plate. Honey, I know you well enough, until you prove otherwise. She picked up the eggroll,... more
                  • You tell me - Danny, Thu Jul 13 08:59
                    She sat on the stool. She was kind of staring at him the whole time. It was disconcerting, which, bizarrely, was familiar in a conversation with Kaye. Danny speculated that his discomfort was... more
                    • I needed to think about it first - Kaye, Wed Jul 19 13:32
                      Kaye rolled her eyes and placed the food next to him anyway. She only wanted the eggroll. “Suit yourself,” she shrugged before taking another bite. Her dads had always been impressed by the fact that ... more
                      • Carefully considered conclusions - Danny, Wed Jul 19 19:36
                        After he gave her a proper answer, Danny felt momentarily deflated that she didn't even have the good grace to acknowledge it. He hadn't expected a well rounded critique with helpful feedback, but... more
      • New year, new hair - Holland Keene [6th year], Fri Jun 30 18:45
        Holland Keene always did an exciting new hair color for the opening feast, and the start of their sixth year at RMI was no exception. This year they were sporting a navy-to-silver ombre look that... more
        • Same hair, same defensiveness. - Emmett Lawrence [5th year], Sat Jul 1 12:56
          At last. Success. Portkey travel still made him feel like he’d been spinning around in circles, but this year, Emmett made personal history. Landing in the Finer Diner with just a little stumbling,... more
          • I can help with the hair, if you want - Holland, Sat Jul 1 14:46
            “‘Dessert first’ is a core part of the gay agenda,” Holland agreed. If their hands weren’t full of cupcake, they would have hugged Emmett. They had visited him a few weeks ago, but they’d still... more
            • “I’m more excited about the chocolate, honestly,” Emmett chuckled, “but thanks.” He supposed he wasn’t really surprised to be Prefect given that he was literally the only person in his House and... more
              • But brunettes do it better - Holland, Tue Jul 11 18:13
                Having finished their cupcake, Holland accepted a cup of rooibos tea and a chocolate-almond biscotti from a house elf. At some point tonight they would probably want to eat something that had some... more
                • What exactly is "it"? - Emmett, Wed Jul 12 20:43
                  Gender and biscotti weren’t two things Emmett thought about together frequently. He thought about them both separately with decent regularity, the former because of Holland the latter because he was... more
      • Confetti Monster Attack! - Hunter Ioma (2nd Year), Wed Jun 28 21:24
        Hunter practically jogged through the diner doors and over to the Lyra fire. Not intentionally or anything, he just tended to walk quickly when he was excited, and he was very excited. On his rapid... more
        • Sure kid, sure. - Rhiya Bansal, [4th year], Sat Jul 1 00:24
          When Sonia first approached Rhiya about the confetti concept, the fourth-year assumed she was joking. As she realized that the idea was in fact something her mom was going to pursue, she brushed it... more
      • Food or Friends? - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Wed Jun 28 15:35
        As he approached the doors to the diner, Satveer felt his excitement build. As he reached the doors, the ambient rumble of people quietened to a single, muffled voice. Satveer, leaned his head... more
        • How about both? - Marley Chapman, Wed Jun 28 22:41
          It was the end of summer. This was always a little tiny bit sad for Marley, because it still felt a little tiny bit weird being away from both of her parents for so much of the year. She wasn’t sad... more
          • Friends with food? - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Thu Jun 29 09:20
            Satveer’s eyes bounced and his head nodded as his followed Marley’s welcome. She’s a talker! Satveer couldn’t help but think that if the bouncy red headed girl was in this house, and Marley, another... more
            • Better than eating your friends as food - Marley, Thu Jun 29 20:16
              Nodding confidently, a little cloud of glitter fell out of her curly afro and sprinkled across her plate. “Oh, it’ll come back soon,” Marley reassured the younger boy. “The house-elves know that... more
              • 88 Miles an hour - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Fri Jun 30 07:53
                Having just watched Marley unknowingly eat a piece of confetti, Satveer wrestled with his self as to whether he should tell her or not. “You just” Satveer started realising he’d have to continue... more
                • With no sign of slowing down - Marley, Mon Jul 3 12:27
                  “Oh, really?” Glancing down, Marley saw that indeed there was confetti all over her pizza. She swiped at it with her hands, brushing off some of the glittery green bits, but didn’t bother to clean it ... more
                  • As ever, he put his foot on the break - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Thu Jul 6 05:11
                    Clearly Marley wasn’t as in to muggle geek culture, or maybe she had missed the reference. Either way, Satveer’s attempt at a common interest connection was shot down. “We did drive” Satveer retorted ... more
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