Dylan Xavier
Way to give a Draco a heart attack, Boot
Wed Jun 28, 2017 12:54

Dylan let out a small sound of surprise as confetti fell on his head as he stepped into the Finer Diner for the second time in his life. As he brushed the golden specks out of his sandy blond hair, he glanced around, looking for Kit - firstly because the finer diner naturally made him think of her due to her being his companion in his previous experience in the room, secondly because she seemed like the sort of person who would be delighted by confetti.

Before he could do more than spot her, though, the lady up front (Deputy Headmistress Nanda, she'd said her name was) was instructing them to look at their dreamcatchers, so he did. Red. He didn't have long to wonder what that meant before she was telling him (and everyone else) that red was for Draco House.

He headed over to the red fire that was now getting showered with red confetti and tried to remember what Draco House was all about. He didn't know much about them beyond what was in the school literature and what he'd picked up on the prospective student tour, but he thought he should remember something about it. Was it Draco or Cetus that was the one that was empathetic and socially responsible? Or was it the smart and loyal House? Those were the two he'd thought he was most likely to get into but now he couldn't remember which was which.

He was pretty okay with traditions and not too keen to rock the boat, nor was he particularly artsy in any respect, so he hadn't really expected either of those Houses. He was, after all, still wearing plain white socks, under his plain old boring khaki pants, and only his school robe hid his solid black polo shirt from view, which was probably the most uninspired, traditional clothing ensemble in the history of RMI and therefore he thought his wardrobe alone probably disqualified him from both Aquilla and Lyra by default.

He sat down near another student at the red bonfire to listen to the rest of the Deputy's speech and looked dismayed by the warning that even the first years were going to start the year with a history test.

Upon the invitation to begin eating -which he would have happily followed just a couple of minutes ago, but now he'd completely forgotten his hunger as he panicked over what could only be a failing grade to start off his RMI career - Dylan turned to his neighbor and asked in alarm, "Is it like all of history on the test? I mean, presumably not muggle history - which is unfortunately the one kind of history I know - but all of magic history around the world? I only just learned magic was real two years ago, I'm still trying to sort out what exists now . . . I haven't studied magical history at all yet! Quick, give me the cliff notes! Wars, important leaders, when the Americas were settled by magic folks, where magic got started, whatever you know!"

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