Satveer (Sam) Mittal
Food or Friends?
Wed Jun 28, 2017 15:35

As he approached the doors to the diner, Satveer felt his excitement build. As he reached the doors, the ambient rumble of people quietened to a single, muffled voice. Satveer, leaned his head forward in an effort to make out what the person was saying, when all of sudden the doors opened.

The diner lay before him, full with people, bonfires and the next seven years of his life.

As he shuffled forward, only to be greeted by a shower of golden confetti. A smile of pure elation happened upon Satveer’s face as his excitement reached its peak. This was his! From the colourful dancing flames of the bonfires to the remaining golden confetti falling onto the crowd, Satveer felt special. Satveer felt welcomed. He looked around the room past the vibrant bonfires and wave of student faces, seemingly staring at him, his gaze landed on the lady at the front of the diner.

The lady introduced herself. Deputy Headmistress Nanda. He didn’t know why, but he was equal parts amazed and stunned by her being here. Wearing that. His parents didn’t say that the deputy head was Indian, or maybe they did and he missed it. Either way, her leading the welcome feast made Satveer feel at ease.

Following her introductions, Deputy Headmistress Nanda instructed the first years to observe their dream catchers. Satveer’s looked to his dream catcher that had now turned sea-green. Lyra, father will be happy Satveer smiled and then looked up past the green confetti to find the sea-green bonfire. Once he had found what looked to be the appropriate bonfire, he glanced around the room at the other bonfires to ensure he had the correct one. Satveer started towards the sea-green bonfire. Red, Blue, Cream and Green, he mentally debated the definition of sea-green over green. why not just go with green?. Making a fool out of yourself to another prospective student is one thing, but joining the wrong house at the welcome feast was academic career suicide.

Once there, Satveer sat by the bonfire and looked around greeting his fellow housemates with a gentle smile and nod. He was pleasantly surprised to see the red-headed girl in Lyra. He wasn’t sure how much Drew would have told her of his tour ordeal, but he hoped to make a good first impression.

Once settled, Satveer sat quietly and listened to the deputy head hand out student roles, introduce the teachers and sentence the students to a pop-quiz. Whilst some of the other students were clearly not in favour of the history test, Satveer wasn’t quite sure how to react. This was his first time, well, his first proper time, in a school environment. Did this happen a lot?

The invitation to eat was a welcome one. When he was excited, Satveer was always hungry. Satveer sat up a little to look over the food being paraded in front of his nose. He was about to take a slice of pizza, when he made eye contact with another student. In an effort to not appear rude and make a good (not nice) first impression, he said softly “Hi, I’m Sam.”

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      • Happily here to pose as a distraction - Kaye Packman, Sun Jul 2 18:36
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        • That's really not necessary - Dardanius, Mon Jul 3 06:11
          He paused in reaching for a bowl of paella because a voice had answered his hypothetical query, and that voice didn't belong to a student in Lyra. It was also coming from somewhere above him. Sure... more
          • Kaye looked off to the side where Danny’s outstretched arm reached. She finished off her raspberry tartlet and pondered, briefly, before snatching a bowl of whatever the dish was as the elf walked... more
            • Challenge accepted - Danny, Wed Jul 5 17:33
              Did it surprise Danny that Kaye was eating the food he had just missed out on? Of course not. The younger girl didn't seem to be particularly gifted at making friends since her arrival at RMI; even... more
              • How's the challenge going so far? - Kaye, Wed Jul 12 15:12
                “Like you know me at all.” Kaye rolled her blue eyes and considered putting the eggroll back on Danny’s plate. Honey, I know you well enough, until you prove otherwise. She picked up the eggroll,... more
                • You tell me - Danny, Thu Jul 13 08:59
                  She sat on the stool. She was kind of staring at him the whole time. It was disconcerting, which, bizarrely, was familiar in a conversation with Kaye. Danny speculated that his discomfort was... more
                  • I needed to think about it first - Kaye, Wed Jul 19 13:32
                    Kaye rolled her eyes and placed the food next to him anyway. She only wanted the eggroll. “Suit yourself,” she shrugged before taking another bite. Her dads had always been impressed by the fact that ... more
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          • “I’m more excited about the chocolate, honestly,” Emmett chuckled, “but thanks.” He supposed he wasn’t really surprised to be Prefect given that he was literally the only person in his House and... more
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    • Food or Friends? - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Wed Jun 28 15:35
      • How about both? - Marley Chapman, Wed Jun 28 22:41
        It was the end of summer. This was always a little tiny bit sad for Marley, because it still felt a little tiny bit weird being away from both of her parents for so much of the year. She wasn’t sad... more
        • Friends with food? - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Thu Jun 29 09:20
          Satveer’s eyes bounced and his head nodded as his followed Marley’s welcome. She’s a talker! Satveer couldn’t help but think that if the bouncy red headed girl was in this house, and Marley, another... more
          • Better than eating your friends as food - Marley, Thu Jun 29 20:16
            Nodding confidently, a little cloud of glitter fell out of her curly afro and sprinkled across her plate. “Oh, it’ll come back soon,” Marley reassured the younger boy. “The house-elves know that... more
            • 88 Miles an hour - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Fri Jun 30 07:53
              Having just watched Marley unknowingly eat a piece of confetti, Satveer wrestled with his self as to whether he should tell her or not. “You just” Satveer started realising he’d have to continue... more
              • With no sign of slowing down - Marley, Mon Jul 3 12:27
                “Oh, really?” Glancing down, Marley saw that indeed there was confetti all over her pizza. She swiped at it with her hands, brushing off some of the glittery green bits, but didn’t bother to clean it ... more
                • As ever, he put his foot on the break - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Thu Jul 6 05:11
                  Clearly Marley wasn’t as in to muggle geek culture, or maybe she had missed the reference. Either way, Satveer’s attempt at a common interest connection was shot down. “We did drive” Satveer retorted ... more
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