Claudia Dubois
Third time's the charm
Wed Jun 28, 2017 15:36

Summer hadn’t been as relaxing as Claudia would have liked. Still, she was resolutely determined not to let any of that anxiety-inducing nest of horntails follow her into the new term. She was in third year now, which meant she was in the top yeargroup of the beginners’ classes (when they were so arranged), and would have access to Pearl Street. As of just recently, she was also a teenager (although she had unfortunately been forced to spend several days celebrating Danny’s birthday, even though it wasn’t until the eighteenth, because he was coming of age - but no, she remembered, she wasn’t thinking about the summer anymore), which signalled the end of her childhood and the onset of adolescence - a notion that both thrilled and terrified her.

As usual, the tradition of sitting around bonfires on the first day of term had played havoc with Claudia’s wardrobe options. This time she’d selected grey pleated culottes, that ended in a wide hem below her knees. These were coupled with tan leather boots that buttoned up each side to her knees, allowing no glimpse of the fine, flesh-colored stockings concealed beneath to show. The grey, fitted blouse with sleeves to her elbows and a high collar matched the culottes, and her tan-coloured woven silk vest, worn over the blouse, matched her boots. The uniform robe she wore over the top of her ensemble was a slightly darker shade of grey, but she couldn’t do anything about that. Her dark blonde hair was worn loose, which was a first for Claudia at an Opening Feast, to her shoulders. Also for the first time her nails were not concealed in gloves - she had managed not to bite them because her mother had agreed, in the last week of the summer, to let her wear colored nail polish if she could kick the habit. It had taken a lot of determination, and Claudia’s thighs were bruised black and blue on both legs where she had rubbed her knuckles against them, instead, and now she had short, but existing, fingernails. It was an achievement. As promised, they were painted the faintest shade of pink.

Yet more new additions to the feast (beyond Claudia’s fingernails) were the amplified voice of Deputy Head Nanda, and sporadic bursts of confetti. While surprised, the third year was not alarmed as some Cetus-blue confetti landed in her lap. She frowned at it before brushing it idly to the floor, where it glittered in her peripheral vision as she applauded the relevant announcements.

Finally Claudia could eat, which again was noteworthy because at both her previous opening feasts she had been too nervous to have any appetite. Today she eagerly added some poached fish and steamed vegetables to her plate before she even considered her neighbour, but when they looked up Claudia greeted them with a smile.

  • Cetus House Fire (nm) - Busy, Busy House Elves, Wed Jun 28 05:20
    • First time at this bonfire! - Andrew Tennant, Tue Jul 4 22:16
      Even though he was a first year, Andrew Tennant had been to more RMI opening feasts than any of the other students in the room. This was his ninth opening feast but the first one for which he was... more
    • Welp. I'm here now. - Maverick Buchannan [6th year], Sat Jul 1 13:27
      Maverick had been very deliberate in picking out his outfit. Truthfully, he was feeling a bit femme today, but he was afraid of dressing like a girl on the first day and therefore having nobody... more
      • So am I, for better or worse. - Russell Drew [5th year], Sat Jul 1 15:47
        It hadn’t been intentional, but when Russell began moving towards the mid-grey-Cetus fire, he realized that he had colour-coordinated his tank top with it. Er, at least, greyscale-coordinated. More... more
        • Worse. It's worse. - Maverick, Mon Jul 3 23:27
          “Oh, no, I’m sorry!” Well, that relative peace was short lived. Potentially even a new record time for someone bothering him. And this one was so much fun, because not only was there now somebody... more
          • I can't fix this. Sorry. - Russell, Tue Jul 4 23:49
            Russell was fully prepared to get cursed out, or at least shunned indefinitely. Or possibly punched. The dark, solid greys of his clothes, plus the promise of revolution, didn’t exactly inspire... more
    • My last year at RMI - Camilla Baird, Fri Jun 30 23:09
      Summer had been a whirlwind of emotions and fun little adventures, and the blonde wished it could go on forever. She didn't want to be back at RMI and as hard as she had tried to convince her mother... more
      • Well let's make it interesting then - Dade Farnon, Mon Jul 3 06:46
        Dade spun into the Finer Diner at RMI and felt mildly sick to his stomach. He didn’t lean over to vomit, but he kind of felt like it. Instead, he scowled, pulled his trunk over to the side of his... more
    • Third time's the charm - Claudia Dubois, Wed Jun 28 15:36
      • Shall we repeat this tradition? - Connor Farnon, Fri Jun 30 06:01
        Connor’s summer had been relatively bland - as usual, and exactly the way he liked it. Rose had taken every opportunity to be somewhere other than their family’s secluded estate, as had their... more
        • That's the definition of tradition - Claudia, Sat Jul 1 15:33
          It was always pleasant to spend time with Connor, Claudia mused, although he wasn’t behaving strictly as she expected. He said she looked well, which was normal enough, but he had hesitated and his... more
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