Teal Rosse (3rd Year)
Better Study Up, Or You'll Get The Boot!
Wed Jun 28, 2017 17:28

“Mooooooomm!! Daaaaaaaad!!! She stole my socks!!”

Teal Rosse rolled her eyes at her younger sister, Violet. “Did not!” She stuck out her tongue, too, just to annoy Vi even more. The eight-year-old scrunched up her face like she was going to cry. Violet had been even more of a handful all summer, ever since Teal got to go to work with Dad and see an actual Sasquatch. Teal had tried to explain that she was 13, so she was old enough to volunteer once a week, and that Violet would be able to when she was older, but Vi still thought it was unfair. She’d even glued the soles of Teal’s work boots together in attempt to stop her from going.

“Merlin’s ba-- beard, Violet, they’re just socks,” came the voice of their dad, Ward Rosse, from the other room.

“But those are my CUPCAKE socks! Those are my favorite!!!” Violet shrieked, balling up her hands. The girls heard a loud sigh and footsteps. A moment later, Dad walked into the kitchen, Godzilla about his shoulders.

“Violet, breathe. Teal, did you take her socks?” Ward tried not to sigh again as his two wonderful, darling daughters squared off. Teal wasn’t one for theft, but Violet had been jealous all summer, and after the Glue Incident, he wouldn’t blame his older daughter for some revenge.

“Nope!” Teal stood up straight, smiling at her father. “These are different socks. Maybe she just lost hers.” She made her best earnest face, and after frowning suspiciously (which made him look a lot like his iguana), Ward turned to Violet, who whined that they were totally her socks.

“Come on, kiddo. Let’s go check the laundry for yours.” Dad grabbed Vi’s hand and pulled her away from Teal, much to the Draco’s relief. Everything she’d said was technically true. The glue hadn’t bothered her that much (a quick Scourgify fixed them up), but Violet had to be put in her place. Fortunately, Teal’s allowance was plenty to cover a quick store visit, and she’d soon found an identical pair of socks. Vi’s pair was hidden safely at the bottom of the younger girl’s sock drawer. Were they a different pair of socks? Yes. Did Vi think they were the same? Also yes. Would Teal get in trouble? No. No theft meant no trouble. Also no trouble, because she was leaving for RMI that evening, but Teal liked to keep her loose ends tied up.

The third year finished packing, said goodbye to Mom and Dad and (with great reluctance) Violet (who had found her own socks), and hugged Zilla. The green iguana was longer than she was tall, if you counted the tip of his tail. He blinked at her and ambled off. Teal ran to grab her bags, pulled her robes around her shoulders, and then the portkey yanked her off to school.

Since it was the Feast, Teal wore her school robes to give a good impression to all the teachers gathered there. The rest of her outfit was a little less traditional. Her bright yellow t-shirt (complete with smiley face!) shone out from under the robes, and the firelight reflected off her shiny silver shoes. She’d picked her cutoff shorts and silver ballet flats to draw attention to her be-cupcake-ed feet, so Vi would be sure to notice her socks. Of course, she liked the shoes anyway. She’d tied back her long straight brown hair with a blue scrunchie, and a smear of pink lip gloss gave her freckled face some polish. Or at least she thought it did. Teal hoped she would have time to see Raja before the Feast started, before her lip gloss got all messed up from eating. If not, she’d be sure to wear the lip gloss again. Now that she was a third year, she could go up to Pearl Street whenever she wanted. This, she predicted, would be a great year.

Teal settled at the bonfire and gasped and applauded when DH Nanda made confetti appear over the new students. CONFETTI!!!! If there was one thing Teal loved more than a colorful and shiny thing, it was lots of colorful and shiny things. She cheered loudly for all the new Dracos, and was delighted when one of them sat next to her. She’d just started looking around for the house-elves when Professor Boot told them all they would have a pop quiz in History of Magic. Great, she would have to find her brain before classes started. Hopefully, Professor Boot would forget he’d said this. She’d have to make sure some anxious nerd like Claudia didn’t ask their teacher about the test.

But it looked like the new firstie next to her was also an anxious nerd. He had a pretty stodgy outfit, probably because he, like most Dracos, thought you should take school seriously. Teal knew school was important, but she didn’t take anything seriously. Firstie looked panicked by the announcement, which was a mistake. He turned to Teal for reassurance, which was also a mistake.

”Is it like all of history on the test? I mean, presumably not muggle history - which is unfortunately the one kind of history I know - but all of magic history around the world? I only just learned magic was real two years ago, I'm still trying to sort out what exists now . . . I haven't studied magical history at all yet! Quick, give me the cliff notes! Wars, important leaders, when the Americas were settled by magic folks, where magic got started, whatever you know!”

She didn’t know what cliff notes were, but this kid didn’t know anything. And a muggleborn, too! Well, he’d said he knew magic existed for two years, which meant he had known about wizards for a year before he came here, which meant Teal wasn’t his first real introduction to the magical world. That was good -- she wouldn’t scar him forever. Teal put on her best concerned face.

“Of course it’s all of history! Didn’t they tell you anything at orientation? Didn’t you look at your books at all over the summer?” Teal hadn’t, of course. She waited for the firstie to sweat a little more as a house-elf offered her a plate of mini tacos. Teal took one and ate the entire thing in one bite, crunching through the shell.

“So you really didn’t study for your Sorting?” Teal gaped in fake horror. “You should have seen history questions on your Sorting Exam. Draco’s the smart house. We all have very good scores, you know. If you didn’t even see the history questions, I don’t know how you made it into Draco.” She had to bite the inside of her lip to keep from giggling.

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    • Better Study Up, Or You'll Get The Boot! - Teal Rosse (3rd Year), Wed Jun 28 17:28
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