Is that how he got his name?
Thu Jun 29, 2017 14:03

Dylan stared at her, horrified. She was an older student so she must know. And it was on everything. Oh God, he should have gone to Sonora after all. Uncle Nathan said they didn't even teach history there. (Dylan actually kind of liked history, though, which was a factor in why he'd chosen RMI over his uncle's school, but he hadn't known it came with a test right off the blocks!)

Okay. He had all night to study. He just needed to stay calm and heed the advice of his elders . . . who was spouting odd nonsense about a placement exam? His look of horror morphed to one of confusion as his experience and her words clashed with inconsistencies.

"We didn't have a Sorting exam," he told her. Maybe the school changed its sorting process this year? "Our portkeys," he held up his red dreamcatcher in demonstration, "just changed colors." The good news was that his panic was receding as he explained this. The better news was that he now knew which house Draco was. He did make the smart house.

Maybe his moderately extreme reaction to learning about a quiz he wasn't prepared for should have clued him into that sooner.

Logic prevailing now that he was actually using his brain again, he reasoned, more to himself than to the older girl, "It's probably just a pre-test to see how much work he has ahead of him this year. It probably won't count toward our grade anyway, right?" That last word was directed at his companion, seeking reassurance. "I mean, that wouldn't make sense. He hasn't taught us anything yet."

"But maybe you could give me a brief historical outline, just in case?" he asked hopefully. "I did look over my books a little," he added, trying to curry Draco favor and prove he really did belong even without a Sorting Exam to prove his worth, "but I didn't get them until last week, so I didn't get very far, and the Spellwork one looked more interesting than History."

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    • Is that how he got his name? - Dylan, Thu Jun 29 14:03
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