Better than eating your friends as food
Thu Jun 29, 2017 20:16

Nodding confidently, a little cloud of glitter fell out of her curly afro and sprinkled across her plate. “Oh, it’ll come back soon,” Marley reassured the younger boy. “The house-elves know that students eat a lot, so they’re always going around in circles.” While this was technically true, she conveniently failed to remember that her ‘return in eight minutes please’ request for the pizza-carrying elf had never actually made it out of her mouth, since she’d been distracted by Sam before she had gotten from the thinking stage to the talking stage.

“I always need, like, four pieces of pizza before I get full. Or maybe three, if I wanna have dessert too. But tonight, I bet I can eat four and also dessert. I’m soooo hungry!” she whined, although she continued to talk instead of resolving this complaint by, well, eating the food literally right in front of her. Talking did take priority for the Canadian. “I live in a different time-zone than RMI, only a couple hours different, but still I didn’t eat dinner with my dad tonight ‘cause then I wouldn’t have been able to eat properly here.”

Of course Marley would continue talking instead of eating, despite being soooo hungry, because the topic of time-zones was super fascinating and surely this new Lyra was just as interested in it as she was. When she wasn’t living with her dad’s family in Toronto, she went travelling all over Canada and the United States with her mum, who ran her own company fixing cars and doing other mechanics stuff that Marley didn’t entirely understand but appreciated all the more because her mum did. Canada and the United States weren’t wide enough to have very far apart time-zones, but they had a few different ones within them; it was cool when they were driving and then suddenly, some invisible line was crossed that meant she had to wind her wristwatch back or forwards. She really wanted to go to Newfoundland one day. The island province had a time-zone that was off by just half an hour. How weird was that?

“Are you from very far away?” she quizzed Sam. “Is there a time-zone difference for you, too? I’ve never been super far, but two of my best friends here--” Claudia and Connor, of course “--are from the U.K., and apparently it’s a huge difference. Like, it’s already tomorrow there, or something. It’s like time travelling except without any magic or science, or at least, without funky science machines like in ‘Back From the Future’.” Marley fell silent and, looking at Sam expectantly for an answer, picked up the pepperoni slice in both hands and took a big bite. She failed to notice the green confetti still all over her plate and pizza, but did notice the strange crunchy texture, but this didn’t equate to noticing the confetti as the girl quickly attributed it to the peppercorns dotting the tomato sauce. It was as delicious as she’d expected.

  • Friends with food? - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Thu Jun 29 09:20
    Satveer’s eyes bounced and his head nodded as his followed Marley’s welcome. She’s a talker! Satveer couldn’t help but think that if the bouncy red headed girl was in this house, and Marley, another... more
    • Better than eating your friends as food - Marley, Thu Jun 29 20:16
      • 88 Miles an hour - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Fri Jun 30 07:53
        Having just watched Marley unknowingly eat a piece of confetti, Satveer wrestled with his self as to whether he should tell her or not. “You just” Satveer started realising he’d have to continue... more
        • With no sign of slowing down - Marley, Mon Jul 3 12:27
          “Oh, really?” Glancing down, Marley saw that indeed there was confetti all over her pizza. She swiped at it with her hands, brushing off some of the glittery green bits, but didn’t bother to clean it ... more
          • As ever, he put his foot on the break - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Thu Jul 6 05:11
            Clearly Marley wasn’t as in to muggle geek culture, or maybe she had missed the reference. Either way, Satveer’s attempt at a common interest connection was shot down. “We did drive” Satveer retorted ... more
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