Connor Farnon
Shall we repeat this tradition?
Fri Jun 30, 2017 06:01

Connor’s summer had been relatively bland - as usual, and exactly the way he liked it. Rose had taken every opportunity to be somewhere other than their family’s secluded estate, as had their step-sister Charlene, so it had been just him and Dade for much of the summer. Connor was perfectly fine with that situation. Despite Dade’s rebellious behavior at school, over the summer he had spent more of his time than not in their father’s library. The two boys had played a fair amount of wizard’s chess, which Connor enjoyed as well. Overall, Connor was happy with how the summer had gone.

Except, of course, for Marley.

Although he had thought the summer would have been a welcome reprieve from his yearmate’s perpetual, pervasive, pushy strangeness, Connor had been wrong. The first owl had arrived not very far into the summer at all, and they just kept coming. Out of politeness, Connor had responded to several of them before realizing that Marley writing and Marley talking had very much in common - they were incessant, and nothing he could do was going to have much effect in stopping that. In addition to the letters, which he had shoved under his bed as soon as they arrived, many unread, she had also sent him two strange items. One was a cylinder of some sort that she called a ‘battery’, and the other was a bag of cookies that Connor would not try despite Dade’s pestering. After the Cheese Whiz incident, he was never putting anything near his mouth at Marley’s insistence ever again. He had no intention of repeating that horrific experience.

As the Portkey whirled him into the Finer Diner, Connor mentally braced himself for Marley’s inevitable gravitation toward him, scurrying over to the far side of the Cetus fire the moment he regained his balance in an attempt to hide from her. He wasn’t sure that the direction to stay at their house fires would mean anything to the obviously insane girl, but the English boy thought it was probably his best shot. Connor spent the next few minutes casting furtive glances around the room, hoping that his Opening Feast, at least, would be spared Marley’s existence. He was so preoccupied with avoiding the Lyra that he didn’t realize until Deputy Headmistress Nanda began talking that he had seated himself next to Claudia. Allowing himself a small smile, Connor noted that his housemate was looking a little different, although he couldn’t quite place why. However, he diligently placed his attention at the front of the room instead of trying to figure out what was different about his friend. Connor clapped politely for the announcement of the new prefects and Head Students, frowned at Professor Boot’s announcement, and jumped a little bit when the confetti appeared out of nowhere. With an internal sigh, he brushed bits of confetti off the shoulders of his robes, which covered a crimson vest over a light blue button-up and a pair of neatly pressed khakis. Sitting on the floor was not Connor’s favorite activity, but he wasn’t going to let that detail prevent him from looking presentable.

Connor helped himself to some chicken and string beans before turning to look at Claudia.

“You look - “ he began, then realized that he didn’t have an appropriate word to encapsulate his thoughts. “-well,” Connor ended somewhat lamely, ears turning slightly pink. He quickly moved on. “How was your summer, Claudia?”

  • Third time's the charm - Claudia Dubois, Wed Jun 28 15:36
    Summer hadn’t been as relaxing as Claudia would have liked. Still, she was resolutely determined not to let any of that anxiety-inducing nest of horntails follow her into the new term. She was in... more
    • Shall we repeat this tradition? - Connor Farnon, Fri Jun 30 06:01
      • That's the definition of tradition - Claudia, Sat Jul 1 15:33
        It was always pleasant to spend time with Connor, Claudia mused, although he wasn’t behaving strictly as she expected. He said she looked well, which was normal enough, but he had hesitated and his... more
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