Ruben Lundqvist
Disposing of some glitter [tag: Rose]
Fri Jun 30, 2017 20:49

Ruben’s first (half) year at RMI had gone about as well as he’d expected. He had scored a beautiful partner and done a lot of things involving mouths, and then they had broken up - well, technically Holland had broken up with him, but he didn’t like to think of himself as having been dumped, so. He had gotten to smack a few idiots around and taught Rose the basics of the trade, too, although this ended in an even more idiotic school suspension. But then Rose had invited him out to watch an MMA tournament at the end of the year, and with that plus erratically meeting Kaye all over the place, not to mention doing less punching than he would’ve liked with his buddy EJ and less mocking than he was capable of towards the younger years (fan, he had a lot of restraint), it seemed that he had come out into summer with a social group of sorts.

This still wasn’t enough to make up for the lack of martial arts clubs and sparring partners at RMI. Or the abundance of uptight students and biased staff. Or the most lame of all classes, Defense Against the Dark Arts. (How someone as cool and relatable as Ivy had wound up teaching that, he had no idea.) Ruben would, therefore, take back Durmstrang over the American school any day. But not today.

Today, he was expected to apparently sit on the floor camp-style around a grey bonfire. Ruben had a healthy appreciation for camping. In fact, the portion of summer that he’d spent with his sister Dagny in Sweden had turned into multiple mountain jaunts. That was enjoyable. Grey was, however, not really an appropriate fire colour, Aquila-themed or not. The blonde gave it a skeptical stare as he approached. Fire was something that should remain fire-coloured, in his opinion. Now, Ruben was all for greyscales normally; his wardrobe was proof of that. The only thing he owned that was blatantly coloured was a red plaid, which he was actually wearing now, although the arms had been hacked off with an artistry that the teen assumed everyone around him could recognize. The jagged holes left behind exposed his (more normally-coloured) black shirt sleeves.

Flopping down cross-legged, knees testing the limits of skin-tight jeans, Ruben tucked a bit of loose hair behind his ear and exhaled in a noisy huff. He’d stayed with Dagny until the last possible day, only letting her Side-Along him back to Houston with enough time to grab his bag and dreamcatcher, and he was pretty tired as a result. Not tired enough to ignore the entrance of the first-year students, of course. His eyes landed immediately on Kalle-Anssi, and while he didn’t wave at or otherwise acknowledge the kid, his grin widened a little as his small not-brother made eye contact. He was also not tired enough to ignore the glittery crap that was suddenly spraying around him. “Vad fan?” Distracted, he glanced back up in time to see Kalle sitting down with the Dracos, whose bonfire was abnormally red but at least marginally closer to looking like real flames.

Ruben’s mood was improved by the lunatic History professor’s announcement - or more accurately, by the panicked reactions of the younger students. That was more like it. Idly flicking confetti off his dark jeans, he began pooling it and had a sizable handful by the time they were finally released. Being as his entire body was convinced it was somewhere in the area of two in the morning right now, the Swede wasn’t feeling too hungry, so instead just stood, thinking to go straight up to his dorm. But on his way out, he passed behind Rose, and couldn’t resist the chance to dump his handful of glitter on top of her. He could’ve tried to do it more sneakily, but he didn’t exactly care about being noticed. Didn’t even matter if it didn’t all get on her, really. It was the thought that counted. Yep.

“Hej-hej,” he greeted the other blonde with a smirk. Suddenly disinterested in sleeping so early (literally early for him), he sat down again, this time beside Rose, and casually cracked his neck before leaning in to peer at her dinner or lack thereof. “Do not mind me; I am just making sure that you are eating the right balance of food groups,” Ruben informed her, mock-serious. “Our training needs a good diet.”

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