Rhiya Bansal, [4th year]
Sure kid, sure.
Sat Jul 1, 2017 00:24

When Sonia first approached Rhiya about the confetti concept, the fourth-year assumed she was joking. As she realized that the idea was in fact something her mom was going to pursue, she brushed it off because there was no way it was going to get past Headmaster Reynaldo and the other staff. When Sonia came back and told her she’d been given the go ahead, well, that’s when Rhiya got excited. They made a trip to Pearl Street that same day and came back with what some people (Armaan and Dhruv) said was an excessive amount of confetti. After duly ignoring the haters, the preparations began.

Now it was finally the day of the Opening Feast. Rhiya lingered awkwardly by the Lyra fire as the other students arrived by portkey, twisting her skirt in her hands to get rid of the sweat. She’d explained away her anxiousness to Sonia by claiming she was concerned about the confetti, but the truth was she had bigger things on her mind. It was official – she was basically an upperclassman now. Being a fourth-year was a big deal. She was going to be graceful and coolheaded from now on. She was going to go to parties in the secret passageways. She would maybe even have her first kiss this year.

As that thought crossed her mind she spotted Emmett in the ever-growing crowd of students, and just like that she was back to being an anxious wreck. So far she’d been pining from afar, except for that brief period during the musical where their characters were a couple. That had been a nightmare to deal with. In fact, seeing Emmett again after a whole summer was making her rethink the whole dating thing in general, because she was pretty sure there was no way it was worth the emotional turmoil involved along the way. So rather than sidling towards Emmett like she had originally planned, she tried to get as far away from him as possible. A girl had to have her priorities, and Rhiya’s priorities right now were enjoying the confetti and the food that followed. A butterfly-infested stomach wouldn’t do.

Tragically, despite her strategic positioning, she still ended up getting distracted from the speech and confetti because some kid seemed to think he was a ninja or something. Okay, she knew it was Hunter, but still, if he was going to act like a kid that was how she was going to refer to him. In fact, she was about to whisper-yell at him to stop flailing around when the speech ended and the house elves appeared. Well, now there’s no point. Grumbling to herself, the Lyra grabbed an orange off a platter of fruit and began peeling it only to find Hunger nudging her. His question was so vague that Rhiya had no idea how to answer for a few moments.

“Well, I thought this year’s speech was great. But I’m kinda biased because I helped with the confetti,” she said smugly, brushing some out of her hair. “Why, what did you ‘make of all’?”

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    • Sure kid, sure. - Rhiya Bansal, [4th year], Sat Jul 1 00:24
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