Emmett Lawrence [5th year]
Same hair, same defensiveness.
Sat Jul 1, 2017 12:56

At last. Success.

Portkey travel still made him feel like he’d been spinning around in circles, but this year, Emmett made personal history. Landing in the Finer Diner with just a little stumbling, for the very first time, he managed to stay on his feet. And that, for him, was victory.

After a slight glance around to see if anyone had seen him - not that anyone really cared - he slumped off to the seagreen bonfire. He found himself a spot by Holland, an automatic process, and mentally noted their new hair. Personally, Emmett thought he liked the Lyra-esque green from last year’s Opening Feast better, but this was really cool, too. Plus it was hard not to appreciate when paired with such a stellar (heheh) outfit.

He didn’t usually pay much attention to the Sortings, but he did notice Marissa’s sister heading toward their fire, so that was cool. He had kinda forgotten she’d be old enough to come this year. None of the others really stood out, though. Not familiar, not currently important, although he did take note on the total number of firsties joining Lyra.

If you want dessert for dinner too, no one is stopping you.”

Emmett grinned. “You sure know how to live,” he laughed as he motioned for the attention of the House Elf carrying plates with slices of cake. He took the biggest, most chocolatey one he could find and helped himself to a nice, heaping bite. “You’ve got some frosting on your face, by the way,” he said after swallowing in a wonderful example of the pot calling the kettle black, his own face immediately marred by chocolate.

As he chewed his next bite, he glanced around at the other bonfires curiously, checking in on their other friends in Aquila as well as the other two fires. And what he saw in Cetus concerned him: an unrecognizable teenage student. Great. Like Russell and Ruben hadn’t been enough. “Hey, who’s that?” he asked idly.

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    • Same hair, same defensiveness. - Emmett Lawrence [5th year], Sat Jul 1 12:56
      • I can help with the hair, if you want - Holland, Sat Jul 1 14:46
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          • But brunettes do it better - Holland, Tue Jul 11 18:13
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            • What exactly is "it"? - Emmett, Wed Jul 12 20:43
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