Maverick Buchannan [6th year]
Welp. I'm here now.
Sat Jul 1, 2017 13:27

Maverick had been very deliberate in picking out his outfit. Truthfully, he was feeling a bit femme today, but he was afraid of dressing like a girl on the first day and therefore having nobody respect his pronouns. No, he needed to start out masculine and potentially get feminine later. He debated between Well Dressed Boy™ and Lowkey Dudebro™ and ended up leaning toward the latter, if only because the looser t-shirt (in this case, a black one that read “revolution is coming”) would do better to hide the edges of the layer beneath than a tighter button-up. He wore army green cargo pants, black suede boots, and an army green watch, all men’s. Mave attempted to subdue his thick pink and mint hair with a ponytail as well as a baseball cap, and he completed the outfit with aviators, the lenses tinged green. He thought wearing sunglasses inside was dumb, but he was hoping that because of them, people might see him as unapproachable and leave him alone.

Orientation was surprisingly pleasant. At least, he didn’t completely hate it. It sucked to have to wander around with a bunch of literal children, but he guessed that was what he got for transferring in. Technically Orientation was optional for transfers, probably for that very reason, but his step-dad insisted that he go, and once Tim had an idea, Maverick’s mom was on board. Which was pretty sucky sometimes, but at least Tim used his pronouns and whatever, so he dealt with it.

The most tolerable part of Orientation had been the student mentor bit. He’d been paired up with one of his yearmates, a Lyra named Holland, who was nonbinary, and Maverick could hardly imagine that was coincidental. They gave some solid examples of most people being cool with people like them, but Maverick couldn’t help but be skeptical. He’d been through enough schools to know that sometimes, for whatever reason, a peaceful status quo didn’t apply to him.

But whatever. It ended, and then eventually, it was Sorting time. Mave ended up in Cetus, so he and the couple new, blue firsties found seats beside the fire. The lady talking - the Deputy Headmistress, as it happened - was fine so far, and the Boot man was definitely weird, but Maverick wasn’t taking History, so he couldn’t care less about their day one quiz. He just wanted to eat and go to sleep. God, he hoped he didn’t have a roommate.

Eventually the House Elves came, and Maverick took the first appetizing plate he saw, which turned out to be a taco salad. That was fine. He ate quietly from the outskirts of the blue fire, intentionally not as close to it (and therefore his Housemates) as the rest seemed to be. Maverick just hoped he could get through this dumb feast with little incident, so that he could then go sleep the day off.

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    • Welp. I'm here now. - Maverick Buchannan [6th year], Sat Jul 1 13:27
      • So am I, for better or worse. - Russell Drew [5th year], Sat Jul 1 15:47
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