I can help with the hair, if you want
Sat Jul 1, 2017 14:46

“‘Dessert first’ is a core part of the gay agenda,” Holland agreed. If their hands weren’t full of cupcake, they would have hugged Emmett. They had visited him a few weeks ago, but they’d still missed Emmett since then, especially because the friends hadn’t been able to hang out as much as they normally did over the summer. Emmett’s parents had grounded him for punching Lucien way back in February, so the only time Holland had gotten to see him was when he was staying with his older sister. Holland felt somewhat responsible for him being grounded, even though Emmett maintained it wasn’t their fault, so they’d written a lot over the summer.

Holland picked up a napkin and dabbed around their burgundy-lipsticked mouth before finding the icing on the tip of their nose. Taking care not to smudge it or their makeup, Holland wiped the icing off.

Seeing the chocolate smeared on Emmett’s face, Holland laughed. “You have chocolate… everywhere, Prefect Lawrence.” They offered a clean napkin to Emmett. “Congrats on that, by the way. The Prefectcy, not the chocolate.” Emmett wasn’t the most responsible student in the school but he was literally the only choice for Lyra, so it wasn’t much of an honor for him to be Prefect, but still worth celebrating. Holland hadn’t been surprised when Danny was picked for their year, although they had felt compelled to point out that their disciplinary record was as clean as his and that they tended to do better in classes. The Prefect selection process was not very transparent, and if Holland really cared about being Prefect they would have called it into question.

Holland followed Emmett’s line of sight to the Cetus bonfire. He was probably not talking about Mr. Tennant’s son or another first year, which left Maverick. “New sixth year transfer. Maverick Buchannan. I was his orientation mentor.” They had mostly talked about staff and students and queerness at RMI, not spending much time on the normal orientation topics like classes and extracurriculars.

Holland took another bite of cupcake, careful not to get frosting on their face this time. “The staff usually claim that the mentor-mentee assignments are random, but this year it was definitely arranged. He’s genderfluid and I’m the least-cis person at RMI, so,” Holland shrugged and left the sentence there. They’d liked talking to Maverick, even if he had been kind of standoffish. “He seemed really guarded, but he said he’s moved schools a lot, so no surprise, I guess. It’s not always easy,” they concluded, somewhat vaguely.

  • Same hair, same defensiveness. - Emmett Lawrence [5th year], Sat Jul 1 12:56
    At last. Success. Portkey travel still made him feel like he’d been spinning around in circles, but this year, Emmett made personal history. Landing in the Finer Diner with just a little stumbling,... more
    • I can help with the hair, if you want - Holland, Sat Jul 1 14:46
      • “I’m more excited about the chocolate, honestly,” Emmett chuckled, “but thanks.” He supposed he wasn’t really surprised to be Prefect given that he was literally the only person in his House and... more
        • But brunettes do it better - Holland, Tue Jul 11 18:13
          Having finished their cupcake, Holland accepted a cup of rooibos tea and a chocolate-almond biscotti from a house elf. At some point tonight they would probably want to eat something that had some... more
          • What exactly is "it"? - Emmett, Wed Jul 12 20:43
            Gender and biscotti weren’t two things Emmett thought about together frequently. He thought about them both separately with decent regularity, the former because of Holland the latter because he was... more
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