That's the definition of tradition
Sat Jul 1, 2017 15:33

It was always pleasant to spend time with Connor, Claudia mused, although he wasn’t behaving strictly as she expected. He said she looked well, which was normal enough, but he had hesitated and his ears had turned pink. That was not usual Connor behaviour. It caused her to wonder whether she didn’t in fact, look well, and that he’d felt it necessary to lie to her out of politeness. She felt well. If she didn’t look well when she felt ill then that was unfortunate, but to look ill when she felt well was severely disappointing. But then it was not like Connor to be deceptive, either, so perhaps she was jumping to the incorrect conclusion. Perhaps something else had distracted him part-way through his sentence and made him flustered. She would never know.

“It was acceptable,” she answered his query as dismissively as she could without being rude. Summer hadn’t been too dreadful, after all, and she wouldn’t want to explain why she hadn’t enjoyed parts of it, so it was best to be as vague as possible. “I enjoyed being back home with my family,” she elaborated as far as she dared, “but there was a lot of fuss about Dardanius coming of age later this month.” She didn’t want to sound like she resented her brother, and she was reasonably certain that wasn’t how the sentence had been delivered - it was the fuss to which she objected, not the cause. Claudia had written one letter to Connor, about three weeks into the summer, to be courteous. That was all that was really required, however, as she saw him practically every day during the school term. She had also written one letter to Marley, partially because she was reasonable convinced she did actually want to be Marley’s friend, despite everything, and partially because she wanted her mother to believe she had more friends that was strictly accurate. The result of this had been several replies from Marley and even a gift of a CD (that Claudia couldn’t play anyway because her home didn’t have electricity, let alone a CD player - which is what her mother assured her would be needed to make such an object produce music - besides which she doubted very much her musical preferences would align with Marley’s, considering how very little else she had discovered they shared in common thus far).

“How was your summer?” Claudia returned the question. It was predictable small talk, true enough, but firstly it would be rude not to ask, and secondly if something of note had happened to either of them over the weeks they were absent from RMI, naturally they would wish to discuss this with each other. At least, Claudia believed so. She was now sufficiently confident in her friendship with Connor to refer to it as such.

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    • That's the definition of tradition - Claudia, Sat Jul 1 15:33
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