Rose Farnon
Imagine my excitement
Sun Jul 2, 2017 07:22

As usual, Rose had spent the summer avoiding her family as much as possible, except for the occasional fight with her father over Dade. Rose had expected more confrontation with her father, given Dade’s choice in school friends, but her baby brother had been smart enough to not share those things with their father and Connor had yet to tattle, so their arguments had been more of the same - yes Dade should be allowed to do this, no it was fine he had done that, etc. Connor was, as usual, a passive bystander and Dade himself had spent as much time blending into the shadows as possible. It was easier over the summer because RMI and Hogwarts had the same holidays and Charlene, their step-sister, loved being the center of attention.

Part of avoiding her family had involved spending a healthy amount of time with Marissa and a hitherto unheard-of amount of time with Danny. She had played Quidditch with Marissa, which had included teaching the youngest Kendrick (who had previously not been allowed a broom, as she was too young and a little on the uncoordinated side) how to Chase. Rose was a little surprised that Kit had taken an interest in Quidditch, since the younger girl had previously shown little to no inclination towards physical activity, but it had been a fun time so she hadn’t questioned it. Fortunately, her fight with Marissa had come to an end last term when Holland had broken up with Ruben - Marissa’s interest in conveying that vital piece of information to her friend had overridden her anger at Rose’s actions.

Which was good, because Rose absolutely did not regret what she’d done. She felt a little bad that Ruben had gotten a suspension out of it while Rose herself had gotten off scott-free, but she didn’t feel bad enough to turn herself in so that was that.

When Rose had spun into the Diner with her Portkey, she had looked around to check for her friends; seeing neither Danny nor Holland (nor Emmett, who was less important), the sixteen year old meandered over to the Aquila fire. It was convenient that two of her friends were in her House, although she hadn’t been in contact with Ruben at all over the summer; Rose had never been the best at writing letters and she had been fairly busy between her time spent with Marissa and her time spent playing Danny’s somewhat adoring girlfriend. Which had been a blast. She’d gotten to dress up and express an over-the-top amount of affection towards Danny that she was pretty sure made him uncomfortable (and if not, had probably disturbed some of the other party-goers, at the very least). Coming up with terrible pet names, including such gems as ‘my Danny-ducky’ and ‘honeypie’, had been one of Rose’s favourite parts of the entire experience.

Rose sat cross-legged at the Aquila fire. She had decided to wear a very cute butterfly skirt with a matching black top and higher, buckled, platform boots to the Opening Feast, eschewing robes as usual. The decision to wear a skirt when she would be sitting on the floor had definitely been a hard one to make, but she had found the skirt at a thrift shop with Marissa over the summer and it was too cute to not show it off as soon as possible. She hadn’t seen Ruben or Marissa so she was sitting by herself, which she was perfectly fine with because she was certain one or the other would catch up with her after the opening remarks to the speech.

To her surprise, the opening remarks were given by Deputy Headmistress Nanda instead of by Headmaster Bonilla, but the bigger surprise was the appearance of glittery confetti at the announcement of the Houses. Rose made a face. She was going to have a hell of a time getting that off by the end of the night.

The annoyance and surprise didn’t stop her from noticing that Kit walked over to the Lyra fire. Rose grinned. She wasn’t surprised. Kit was a little ball of energy who would probably terrorize her roommate, whoever that was. Rose couldn’t wait to hear the stories.

Food appeared, and Rose examined what the house elves were carrying. She was feeling a little bit picky but didn’t really know what she wanted. Red meat and chicken had both been ruled out when, out of nowhere, she was showered with glitter again. She responded by swearing loudly and tilting her head up to see who had the audacity to - oh Ruben. Yeah okay.

Already disinclined to accept food, Rose’s stomach fluttered a little at the site of her friend. They had gone on one date - well, Rose had considered it a date, she wasn’t sure how Ruben had felt about it - to an MMA match towards the end of the school year, once Ruben had been off suspension. But they hadn’t talked all summer, and all of a sudden he was right there. She swallowed, feeling uncomfortable at the amount of discomfort she was experiencing. The discomfort was quickly replaced by a friendly annoyance as she snorted at his interest in the dinner she had not yet chosen.

“I didn’t practice much over the summer,” Rose admitted instead of mocking him. She wasn’t entirely sure she could hold her own against Ruben, which was a new and bizarre feeling for the blonde. It hadn’t been a problem to keep up with the conditioning, since she kept practicing for Quidditch and swimming when she could, but it was always harder to do things during the summer. “There wasn’t really an opportunity,” she added, flagging down a house elf who was carrying around dishes of some sort of vegetable lasagna looking thing. She took one of the plates and a fork, poking it dubiously before taking a bite. Not bad. “So what did you get up to?”

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    • Imagine my excitement - Rose Farnon, Sun Jul 2 07:22
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